On the Estate of Debt From Oedipus to Hamlet

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However, both individuals escape what their inheritance instructs them to do, whereby they find themselves paying for it with their very flesh. On the other hand, Oedipus daughter insists for the ceremonial rights of her lost brother. Importantly, she offers us a different possible trajectory related to payment, which does not even involve a rotten state. Within the whole orientation of the psychoanalysis related to Lacan and Freud, it is discovered what the poets may teach us about the debt every human being is born into. According to the words of Freud, this is the mortal vehicle of an immortal substance which is like the inheritor of entailed material goods, who is the temporary possessor of an estate which survives him. On the other hand, Antigone lives by herself as a devoted daughter.

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However, the good thing about her is that she must protect and defend her father from those who might intend to overthrow him. Furthermore, she must create some peace between his brother and him accordingly, to make sure that at least things are running almost as usual. Despite the complexity pertaining the relationship between Antigone and Oedipus, Antigone remains dutiful to Oedipus until his death. Across the all the Thebes plays, there exist a lot of occasions that can reveal all the shared characters between Oedipus and Antigone. As a great king who cares well or accordingly for his people, he does all what he can, which shows his noble character. On the other hand, Antigone is a well-established individual who possesses the same characteristics of leadership related to her father.

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She solved issues correctly like her father, and she is ready to help in any situation, as long as she is doing the right thing at the right time whatsoever. The relationship between her and her father is clear, and both are believed to be a bit generous and genius in a variety of ways, which is a great ideology and measure in any way. The relationship between a parent and a child is very strong as well as hard to obtain. On the other hand, the conflicting of what was a major relationship between Oedipus and Antigone is just lack of faithfulness from Polynices. Instead of being free to help Antigone lead their father, he chooses to fight to the fullest after Oedipus’ exile. The only single section of time Polyneices goes to find Oedipus and bring his back to Thebes was only to request him for help over his brother’s supremacy.

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In the end, the bond between Oedipus and Antigone is almost breakable; however, there could be sometime whereby relationships do not last at all mean (Walsh 33). Across the whole relationship between Oedipus and Antigone, there exist some specific lessons about familial debt. Oedipus should have kept his objectives ongoing rights away from the word go, but a misunderstanding took the full control of his whole body and soul. Diverting from the already set guidelines is a disgusting strategic negativity, and if corrections are made, the already gap is not wiped away from the experience which is already existing. Sometimes corrections are useless in some manner, due to a certain misunderstanding which takes a full control over something. The relationship between Oedipus and Antigone is a very strong bond, but at the end breaks drastically, whereby individuals wonder what has just happened.

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During Oedipus’ death, Antigone is very much confused and to some extent she does not believe that her father is already gone. On the current issues, things are just the same, for example, leaders are not performing tasks the way they state to behave and act accordingly. The current leaders come to promise local individuals about how work will be done after ben chose, but when elected, things change within no time, hence start doing their won staffs. This means that people have stopped trusting each other in any manner, simply because there is no way a person will always testify about performing great deeds and at the end, there is nothing (DeBrohun 45). Antigone is much determined and possesses enough hopes with her father, but at the end, things seem to be a bit different from the expectations of the daughter.

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