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Online training and development system have been viewed to increasingly bring about an increase in performance within the organization and also ensure that minimum resources are used because all that is needed is a virtual system that only connects the people to the internet. Therefore, the online training systems have been viewed to gain prominence over the last few years and this may be attributed to aspects such as the implementation of technological advancements within the organization and also the changing business environment among other factors. In this case, training and development can be viewed as being important for a number of reasons, and within an organization, it may be argued as being effective and important. Reasons for training and development within an organization.

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As indicated earlier, training and development are important for a number of reasons such as helping an organization meet the changing business environment that is being heavily impacted by technology and other external factors. Another reason for the training and development of employees is the fact that there is an increasing need to meet the changing business market. Change, according to Monu & Ralph (2014), is an aspect that forces the way of doing things to be altered from one way to another. Organizations often embrace change in one way or another and this is met with the adoption of change management strategies that see to it that there is an effective transition to change process within the organization that may not impact the employees or the functioning of the organization.

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As such, employees are trained, for this reason, to ensure that the changes that are brought about within an organization do not impact them negatively, causing a reduction in the performance of the organization. In addition, the training and development of the employees are considered to be a key aspect of effective change management and as such, training of employees can also be viewed as a necessity within the organization. If there is an aspect that has been taken with much seriousness in the last decade, its career planning for the employees. An organization is obligated to help its employees grow and this is met through the effective training of the employees towards a common goal or perspective. Therefore, training and development are viewed as a significant reason as to why employees may be prepared and oriented for better career options.

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In a study conducted by Newman, Newman, & Hitchcock (2016), it indicated that the more employees are trained, the better they become and this will be an effective aspect of them and the organization as a whole. Learning objectives, activities, and outcomes of the online training Online training can be viewed as an effective aspect of any given organization. In an evaluation basis, the level of education that was being passed along in the 1970s and 1980s, as compared to the current standards of education, the current levels of education have surpassed the previous forms in a number of ways as far as quality is concerned (Knowles, Holton, and Swanson, 2014). In that case, there has been a rising need for adult education within the context of training and development of employees to ensure that there is the bridging of the gap that exists between the adults and the current standards of education when it comes to the level education.

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Looking at adult education, it acquaints the adult population with skills that they were not taught and in other instance, the basics of education since in some organizations, the employees who were employed when the organization was building its way up may not have been educationally acquainted. Therefore, adult learning within an organization’s context does not necessarily mean that the employees within an organization do not know anything, they may be aware of a number of aspects but in order for the organization to be at the same level, the group of employees ought to be trained. “Most adult learners only seek to increase the knowledge that they already had in place in order to become more effective” (Street, 2016). Knowles, M.

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