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Goods and services The management of Microsoft Corporation makes critical decisions about the design of goods and services for their broad market base. The corporation produces both software products as well as service solutions to technological issues. Some of the services are the Microsoft consulting services which include Windows desktop and servers, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows Azure and other online services. The cloud vantage services where the corporation offers advice on transitional processes within organizations. These include MS 365, as well as training on risk reduction, technological absorption, and proactive support. Microsoft eliminates waste in the value chain by relying on customers feedback, conducting surveys to determine trends as well as paying to attend to needs of its customers and partners. Other methods used in collecting feedback are sales trend projections, economic indicators and the expert opinions about their services.

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The practice offers the company the ability to deliver better products to the market. The company can improve both formal and informal collaboration of its partners and departments in a bid to enhance its value chain. Some of the components of the value chain of Microsoft are product development process where the company considers the feedback of its partners and customers purposely to build value into its products. The Azure uses the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), while the Office 365 utilizes the software as a service (SaaS). It is anticipated that Microsoft will dominate the IaaS cloud space through the SaaS service. The company has adopted a myriad of policy measures to safeguard its interest amidst these current forces of competition.

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Some of the sources of competitive advantage include: i) The resource capability which enables it to design, produce and implement a variety of products that meet specific needs of the partners and customers. ii) The company is an IT leader in the industry. The company uses automation for maintaining its online inventory, with a specific focus on determining when updating and upgrading stocks are due. Similarly, the computer hardware manufacturing is managed. The company adopts the perpetual methods, serialized and periodic processes inventory management as a strategy to improve operational productivity. In accounting for the inventories, the company includes labor, materials, manufacturing overheads attributed to inventory management. Additionally, the company makes reviews regularly on inventory at hand, expected future purchase commitments with its suppliers, and other stock estimates.

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The company inspects and audits its products as a way of promoting adherence to quality standards. It also tests and verifies the quality and reliability of software products they produce (Guy, 2011). The quality assurance which involves scrutiny into services, efficiency, quality, and reliability is a process the company uses in the appraisal of its products address the needs of the market. Moreover, as a high-quality compliant company, it has retained certifications such as the 9000. 9001, and the 9002. On such a basis, Microsoft remains the most competitive in the market because of its product base, marketability, and market share. References Collier, D. A. & Evans, J. R. Operations strategy. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Krajewski, L. J. , Malhotra, M. Retrieved from http://www. microsoft. com/enterprise/industry/consumer-goods/solutions/supply-chain-visibility-collaboration.

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