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The manager is able to create a healthy working environment by fostering emotional connections with the organization and great working relationships among people in the organization. However, the much emphasis on building great work relationships and upward communication, results to the line between employees and employers being blurry. Part 2 Businesses are in a continuous state of unrest following the fast growing, dynamic and competitive business world. As a result, operations, work strategies and policies must keep changing for the businesses to remain competitive. However, this change of strategies and employees end up affecting the most important resource of business, your employees. Vineet Nayar the CEO of HCL Technologies led his team effectively towards implementing change in the company change in a number of ways.

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Firstly, he created an understanding of the current reality of the company. This involved identifying the problems that the company was facing as well as the importance of each of these problems and how change would be a solution to these problems. This was through honest conversations which revealed the truth of the company’s position. At this point HCL Technologies understood the change and came up with a vision for the same which acted as motivation to start and run the change process. He initiated several strategies that brought a great transition across the organization. This includes having the organization adapt to the world’s most modern management. Firstly, he understands the purpose of development and communication. According to Nayar for development to happen then communication must be there.

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Before in initiating the change, he communicated to his team the need for change in the organization and made them understand the importance of development as well. Lastly, he was able to use his strategy to develop future leader in the organization by transferring his responsibilities to the employees. This created an organization that is more of self-run which increased the level of innovation and leadership skills among the employees. Cognitively, Nayar deserves most of the credit for how well the organizational change turned out. This is because Nayar as the CEO felt that it was time for change, and he took the risk of implementing change in the organization. Implementing change being a challenging process, he took it upon himself to come up with the best strategies that would have the change implemented smoothly without negatively affecting the employees and the organization at large.

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