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This puts Sephora clearly among multinationals in the world of fashion. As a result, its organizational strategy is expected to meet the demands of a multinational. The company has adopted a traditional organizational strategy to ensure it can manage the business in different locations across the world. Sephora is a subsidiary of LVMH, a giant organization that serves as the parent company for numerous companies in the fashion and luxury brands industry. LVMH allows its subsidiaries the autonomy to create organizational structures that benefit themselves. This is significant in ensuring competition between brands that are under its umbrella. Sephora has also adopted the same level of autonomy allowing top management in various countries to control the company within a specific market (Schweiger, 2008). The company believes that every market is different and seeks to adopt the culture of the local market. This ensures it can connect with the local market and boost sales. The traditional structure includes company CEOs who are tasked with managing the company within a specific region. The CEOs are deputized by VPs who are responsible for various departments within the organization. These include sales and marketing, production and supply, digital, customer care among other departments. Within each department are section heads who control the daily operations of the department. The hierarchical structure ends with employees within each department who are responsible for running the department (Schweiger, 2008). The line of communication follows the hierarchy set by Sephora’s organization within a country. Sephora follows a top-down organizational structure where relevant information and decisions are passed down the hierarchy from the CEO to the employees.

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The CEOs are given autonomy and allowed to run the organization in the best possible way with regard to the local market. However, the company has a strict code that outlines the general policies and guidelines the company should uphold. These policies and guidelines have been put in place to ensure ethical and business standards are met and upheld by every country-specific organization. The CEOs are allowed to collaborate on projects or share ideas to improve their impact within their local market. This ensures every decision taken by the company is effectively communicated to the employees. Over the years, organizations have come to appreciate the value of communication and the need for the entire organization to work as a team (Dolata, 2013). Managers have shifted from a managerial role to take up leadership roles within their companies.

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Leadership demands that the leader inspire his or her followers to achieve a common goal. In order to achieve this, managers are keen to ensure their employees understand the direction the organization is taking and work to ensure the success of goals. Stakeholder management Stakeholder management is a key element in any business. However, this tool is rarely used to offer solutions to business and improve its position or competitive advantage within its market. Stakeholder management refers to the systematic identification, planning, analyzing and final implementation of an activity that is designed to improve the business as well as engage with stakeholders (Hillman, & Keim, 2001). Stakeholders, in this case, refer to every individual or entity that has an interest in the business. These include the parent company, the management, employees, partners and the customers who frequent the stores and are attached to the brand as a whole.

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This shows the effort the company makes to ensure customers as stakeholders are involved in the performance of the company. The final aspect of stakeholder management agrees deliverables. This aspect seeks to ensure the ultimate goals of the business are met through the activities of all stakeholders. Every stakeholder has a task that has a significant contribution to the success of the business. As a result, a clear understanding of specific roles ensures the success of the business. Other ideologies that have grown into Sephora's culture include the emphasis the brand has on empowering women and customer experience. The modern world has been taken over by digital. More items and activities daily are carried out in digital space as opposed to the physical based tasks. As a result, Sephora has sought to undertake a digital revolution in the daily operation of the business.

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The company has developed a strong online presence through which it offers its products as well as provides customer care to its customer base. Ultimately, the company's success at customer care and customer service are key elements in its ideology of ensuring a positive customer experience. This is a culture that the company has built over the years is it seeks permanent and non-traditional ways to connect with their consumers and provide quality customer service (Negiz, 2015). The ideologies at Sephora point to a role organizational ideology. The company acknowledges the role it has to society and seeks to meet this role at every opportunity that is presented. The company's ideologies meet this role by providing service through its employees and consumers. Based on these aspects, Sephora depicts a business with a charismatic leader (Yahaya, & Ebrahim, 2016).

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The leader is allowed to inspire the employees and create a common goal through which the leader and employees can successfully achieve. The success of the company’s leadership style is evident in the overall success the company has achieved over the years. It has grown more innovative and continues to compete favorably within its market. References Bornstein, J. Hillman, A. J. Keim, G. D. Shareholder value, stakeholder management, and social issues: what's the bottom line?. n. d). About Us. Retrieved from https://www. sephora.

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