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Organizational culture is the personality of the organization. It consists of the values, the norms assumptions as well as the artifacts of the members of the organization in terms of their behavior. Different organizations have distinct cultures (Thomas & Peterson, 2017). For example, the culture of the National Council of NGOs is distinct from that of hospitals or universities. The system theory can be used to explain the culture of a particular organization. The promotions are usually from within the organization. This culture is common in the military and in the law sector. Finally, the fortress culture is characterized by uncertainties of whether an employee will be laid off or not. Reorganization is more often in this culture and opportunities are readily available in the specialized skills.

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It is mostly experienced in the savings and loan companies. This pressure may, however, result in the reduction in quality of output. An analysis of the National Council of NGOs using Nicole Moss true/false questions reveals the deliberate or traditional culture. The culture is thoughtful, issues are carefully thought out and the organization is majorly flexible to the customer needs. From the explanation, it is correct to say that Nicole Moss Deliberate culture is similar to the academy culture developed by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld as they both involved specialization. The basketball team culture is almost similar to the urgent culture as they involve the hiring of staff. References Bhatia, A. R. An impact study of organization culture through implementation of organization development interventions in selected branches of state bank of India and its associates.

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