Organizational Culture Theory

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Otherwise, these organizations have their organizational culture which guides the entire workforce. In order to appropriately study how employees interact with others and customers in organizations, it is important to look at the organizational culture theory. Organizational culture entails values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization (Needle, 2010 p. Ethnography is a scientific method that is used to study people and their cultures with their habits, customs, and mutual differences. West and Turner (2018) use Dwight Conquergood concept to express the detailed meaning of this theory. According to West and Turner (2018), “task rituals are routinized behaviors associated with a person’s job”. Social rituals, on the other hand, are nonverbal and verbal practices that consider the interaction of members in an organization (West & Turner, 2018 p.

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Organizational rituals are concerned with regularly occurring company events such as company picnics, faculty, and division meetings ((West & Turner, 2018 p. Passion performances- it involves organizational stories that the members devotedly relate to others. These include metaphors, storytelling and exaggerated speech (West & Turner, 2018 p. I have managed to learn and adapt to the organization’s culture. The church has over 10,000 followers and over 100 officials who interact in church services. The church also has doctrine cabinets such as deacons, priests, Archpriests, reverends, bishops, archbishops among other positions. Being a religious institution, the organizational culture in Apostolic Faith Church entails a philosophy of politeness, spirituality, and responsibility. The organization is also able to meet all the five levels of organizational performances as described by West and Turner (2018).

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