Overview of Rutgers Team and Situational Analysis

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The whole process incorporated interviews from different groups to provide an insight into RUTGER’s sports current position. The Committee restated the mission of the organization, mainly looking at recruiting contracts, compliance with NCAA regulations, educational benefits and proper management of funds allocated to this department. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football team is part of Rutgers University and plays football in FBS and NCAA. The football team is part of the East Division of the Big Ten Conference before joining the American Athletic Association. Rutgers football club stadium is known as High Points Solutions and is located near New Jersey University. It’s also RUTGERS’ mission to involve community members in productive activities by prioritizing their skills at a certain level and effecting a high number of participants (libraries.

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rutgers. edu, 2018). Rutgers football team helps University achieve the community piece of its education-research-community. It occurs through bridging across various undergraduate and graduate students, faculties and staff. The club has acknowledged its responsibilities in ensuring that it fulfills professional roles as by supporting learning in the institution. The club is very keen on providing that it promotes the health and well-being of the RUTGER’s community. Rutgers has been able to bring all the stakeholder to engage healthily and productively to improve student’s life (rutgers. edu, 2018). Through discussion with the staff, students, and departments, the strategic planning committee has noted the strengths and weaknesses faced by Rutgers. - Additionally, the club recognizes opportunities and values of the community surrounding. - RUTGER acknowledges that every academic department has a role in identifying resource streams.

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Weaknesses - RUTGER mostly depends on corporate and government funding or donations from friends; it is impossible to achieve the programs at an appropriate level of satisfaction due to high budgets. Weaknesses -RUTGER has been receiving impermissible recruiting contacts because of failing to act on positive drug tests (Pelzman, 2016). -Inappropriate academic benefits. -Little attention is given to the program. Recommendations The club needs to identify the right staff and train them. The evaluation team needs to be restructured to provide detailed and better information; this will ensure there is professional development. RUTGER needs to adopt technology in the club to be able to handle routine tasks. Doing this will relieve administrators too may duties hence allowing better service in the program.

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Threat of Substitute It is crucial to understand whether there are any threats to barriers to entry and exit. There is no close rivalry among the existing firms for RUTGER. High regulations are required to enter this industry, and therefore the threat is low (Kyle, 2017) Bargaining power of the buyer What it means is that when customers are concentrated, the bargaining power is high. For RUTGER, the customers are lowly concentrated, and hence the bargaining power is low. Bargaining power of suppliers If there are many suppliers, the bargaining power is low. These funds are subjected to interest rates of the country. Social, cultural factors These include believes, values, religion, language and education levels. It also includes income level differences due to demographics and culture.

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