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Every passing year the sports rehab network was increasing regarding the clients due to their provision of services that were of the need to their clients. Marshall upon having his company do well in the south folk, he then decided to expand to the north fork. All the unsatisfied needs of this people had to be met by the sports rehab network since a market research had been conducted and that was a need for this people. The sports rehab network business grew and became successful, and the audience was no longer just the student-athletes but also adults who needed physical therapy. The Southampton hospital stopped competing with sports rehab network since they had a smaller physical therapy facility and they opted to be a joint venture.

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All other employees took side with Brown neglecting Marshal. The facilities faced loss each year as central Suffolk ceased its sport rehab services. Marshall tried establishing a separate facility but was severely opposed yet all he wanted from the start was to see sports rehab expand and not contract. Marketing is understood as a process of trying to offer what the customer needs and the key issues in marketing include the price, promotion, product and the place1. The sports rehab network is posed as the product of which the clients in the Southampton needed, and after conducting research, the sports rehab was then established. Marshall understood well the declining phase of the physical therapy and was always ready to work it out, but no one else backed him up.

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The major problem drawn from this case study was majorly the fact that the market conditions of the sports rehab network were changed and the management of the rehab deteriorated following the business to business sale. As a manager, solving and analyzing problems in the organization is part and parcel of the manager’s duties. Every company has a strategy which enables the business to be able to focus all their creative energy towards the achievement of sustainable results. Every business requires having principles of business strategy. Even at the end of the case study, Marshall is driving home as he battles with whether he should move forward and find investors to help him open another facility since other direct competitors are rising.

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Once a company has tapped into the market, competition start arising from other people who may end up opening the same company or even another company with renovated products and services. Marshall was certain that if sports rehab could have to face competition, then it would not have stood to remain profitable because maybe the new companies would have captured their customers by coming in with unique selling proposition or even situating in a more accessible place which would make sports rehab seem to be far. That is why he had to embrace the principle of offensive as a way of keeping sports rehab marketable. The competitive advantage sports rehab had was the physical therapy services, and this brings out the other principle of business strategy which is the principle of mass.

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The first step to be considered would be the identification of the issue, its cause and how the problem happened. Playing the role of a detective would be of much help because investigations have to be conducted to rule out the actual problem pressing the organization. Most cases relate a problem to the symptom of the problem, and no manager would wish to confuse this two. Hence, it is important to thoroughly identify all the issues in the company before distinguishing the major problem to be solved, and this may also help in understanding every individuals’ interest. This way it will be easy to solve the problem with an understanding of what has happened and why it happened. The employees may also fear to give their honest opinions thinking that they might get fired.

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