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Developing the best communication strategy is a key thing that must be considered between the nurses and their patients. Communication should be made in a whole inclusive consent that will capture and meet the general needs of the patients. It requires many important innovations to develop an important communication strategy. The basis of communication in the nursing industry must meet its fundamental requirement and should also promote the ethical capabilities of the medical profession and the nursing code of professionalism and code of work. The patient education takes through various stages and it encompasses many important issues. Written communication carries the strong and resonating message that helps in bettering the understanding and the medical situations that the patients are facing. It can also be used by the nurses to give instructions and advises to the patients (Cooper, 2017).

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Furthermore, the use of oral communication is also used between nurses and patients. Nurses talk with their patients to understand them fully and create how they are working for the betterment of their health situations. Patients talk with the medical practitioners and nurses depicting what they are suffering from, the health situations that they are facing and also to explain the various issues about themselves. Type of language used can also help in developing a good and a positive communication. The language choice should favor the nurses and the patient and this will promote good communication. The negative communication activities can spring from the bad relationship between the nurses and the patients. Relationship is a good thing which should be fostered to develop the best relationship in the hospital setting.

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The language barrier is also another thing that can have adverse impacts on how the society runs. Different cultures have different values and hence with experience, nurses can develop a clear method of dealing with them and their various rights in the society. This can help in developing the best experience of not going against their cultural values. Experienced nurses have a wider knowledge of various occurrences in society. Therefore, they can help in developing the best discussions with different people with ease. Experience also provides them with high problem-solving skills and hence they can advocate for issues with ease (Mazzi, 2017). Fluent communication will help them to articulate themselves fully and explain how they are feeling to the nurses (Partburry, 2017). It is also prudent to determine if the set up strategies are effective.

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