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The law was found would increase the deficit as well as reducing the income inequality in the country through a process of taxing the top 1% to cushion the low-income earners. The act has found a challenge in the court of law due to various litigations in the country. The other crucial segment is the access of medical contraceptives to the women (Cantor, Monheit, DeLia, & Lloyd, 2012). According to the section 2713 of the Affordable Care Act, there should be coverage and provision of preventive healthcare services with a good plan which aims at benefiting the individuals in the country. Any group or even individual which offers services to the citizens should not impose costs when it comes to preventative care services. However, the change in the debate is likely to lead to a large number of women lacking direct access to medical care.

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The outcome is that more births are likely to be experienced per unit time. A large number of births per women will demand increment of the costs and the facilitation fees. High costs will be felt when it comes to the screening service provision in the women. Other prices are likely to be associated with hospital care such as breastfeeding costs and support suppliers to the women. During such a time, the cost of medical care is likely to go higher. Summary According to the court of law, the definition of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ensures that there is access to women treatment. The court of law made is likely to rule out that all information under the treatment of the patients and all details are part of the protection of the safety of the medical clients.

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There will be a production of data, records, and reports during the treatment process are crucial to enhance the safety of the patients. However, the cost of treatment is likely to go high in the women. The women care and treatment period should not be compromised through a limitation of the information provided. However, there should be no breach of the provision of the information since the law is apparent. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will lead to good mastery of the costs and information concerning the administrators and other individuals. The documents which the professionals handle in a patients' case do not become immune simply because discovery is done in late time. It should also be noted that the primary goal of the Act is to promote the lower charges to women when it comes contraceptives (Long & Gruber, 2011).

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The medical industry cannot provide quality services without the cooperation of all parties. One of the parties which should take leading course is the medical team (Long & Gruber, 2011). The judicial systems should interpret the working conditions of the professionals. It should not be seen as the competition between the teams in this case. There will be high costs relating to the access to medical care to the women when it comes to the new Act. , & Lloyd, K. Early impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance coverage of young adults. Health services research, 47(5), 1773-1790. Cronenwett, L. , Sherwood, G. , Huby, G. , Avery, A. , & Sheikh, A. The case study approach. BMC medical research methodology, 11(1), 100. Hughes, R. (Ed. Patient safety and quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses (Vol.

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