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d. Since then it has expanded to be one of the most dominant companies in the world with a value of more than $11 billion (NasdaQ). Its growth has been attributed to several factors including a strong mission and vision statement. PepsiCo’s mission and Vision statement highlight the company's commitment towards achieving certain objective, goals and keeping a resolute stance on its responsibilities. A look at PepsiCo's mission and vision show the company's goals, values, and objectives. It has already laid down the foundation of being the market leader in beverages and snacks ("PepsiCo's Global Websites," n. d. PepsiCo’s statement is memorable. This is because a mission statement should be easy to recall the important elements if not the exact words.

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It has set few crucial milestones that it aims to achieve and they are very easy to remember once you read it. The mission statement for PepsiCo is also current. A mission statement should not be changed regularly. It should have an element of permanency although organizations do change as time moves on. The mission statement adopted by PepsiCo is current because it reflects the intentions of the company both in the short run and in the long run. Even if the organization acquires a new firm or merges with a strong company, the mission statement will still stand because PepsiCo's values are well defined in the current statement. It has stated that it aims to improve society, environment and the economy in which it operates.

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The organization also intends to build shareholder wealth by having growth in the organization's share capital. A vision statement should be realistic. PepsiCo is a valuable firm that can pull together its resources to start huge projects that require high investment capital. Its vision statement is realistic because its ability to achieve those goals is easy for such a firm if it plans its resources appropriately. Its ideas are consistent and easy to understand. They are no jargons or other words that do not make sense to an average reader. A vision statement should be descriptive. PepsiCo's statement is not detailed as would be for other larger companies. Although you need to be concise, a vision statement does not tie you down to being so conservative with what you have to say.

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Major companies are out there making money and are not concerned with other external aspects. The vision statement says that it intends to make tomorrow better than today. Such a phrase is powerful and will motivate customers, employees, and other stakeholders. A vision statement must be objective. PepsiCo’s vision statement is objective. The mission statement is clear that PepsiCo aims to enrich its employees. Employees will be enriched if they strive to do the tasks of the organization fairly, honestly and with integrity. Other Places to Get Information The PepsiCo's Memorandum of Association can be used by the human resource department to acquire information to link the firms’ strategy and each employee’s goals. The memorandum of association has an objective clause section that defines the objectives of the firms.

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