Performance Management System for Texas Plant Health Centre

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In this document, we have an example of a performance management system. It has the organization strategy where the purpose, the vision, and mission of the organization are discussed. A system that defines the mode of measuring results, appraisals and compensations are also discussed. The objective of the institution To protect the plants within the state from the effects of plant health and diseases that in the end would have an impact on the economy. This will require all citizens to declare their farms free of the effects Vision, mission and the core values The vision, mission and core values of an institution have to accompany the purpose. The measurement in my institution will be an inclusive process where I will quantify the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work using the institutions set standards.

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The output of employees in an institution must be measured at a point. This will aid in knowing their productivity. The main reason as for why most of the institutions do not reach their aim is that they don’t measure them and see them as unachievable. The results in an institution are measured based on the performance and responsibility assigned. Each and every employee should have a target at the end of the year. As the year and time moves, we should assess the ratio of the time to the target achieved. Like in the institution, I would expect the field officers and inspectors to carry out an inspection of at least 200 farms in a year and report for the same submitted to the office for approval.

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If the staff carries out less than this, I would like to get the reason as for why the target was not achieved. This will help in assessing the quality and the productivity of my staff. I would also include remuneration in any kind paid to the employee at the value of the purchasers’ price like drinks, personal accommodation, and uniforms worn in and outside the workplace. I would also consider compensation from the aspect of the value of social contributions in respect of the labor I hired. These may be actual social contributions I pay directly to the employees to their social security schemes or to a privately funded social insurance scheme. For all the employees, I consider the social schemes to be more important hence a reward if not given cash at hand, I will pay it the schemes.

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Incentives and reward can generate as an important role for employee performance. Appraisal forms are used to gather relevant information from the employees regarding their performance. The forms can be filled electronically or manually. The electronic filling has more advantages and mostly it allows for sharing information the employee filling the form and the manager. The data is in electronic form can also aid in the subsequent analysis which may include the comparing of the performance levels of the various units within the institution (Rosen et al. Some of the basic components of the appraisal forms would include; the basic employee information which will have the job title of the employee, department and job group. The judgmental is concerned with the validity of the performance.

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The administrative issue involves whether the policies and procedures are followed. As a manager, I value communication plan within my institution. This would ensure that my staff understands clearly the content and information contained in the management system. I would clearly state the reasons for the department implementing the management system, how the performance system works, and the responsibilities of each staff member from the head of sections to the supervisors and give detailed information on how the performance system is linked to other initiatives. The employees also have significant impact on the institutions through the performance systems where they are expected to be more productive to achieve the organization goals and objectives. Employees and the human resource department owe a lot to the various institutions, meanwhile, the performance of the employees must be monitored to enhance the competency of the employees and improve on the quality of the services offered.

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