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Regardless of how contemporary technological advances are in place and how detailed are the processes implemented, without a productive responsibility of the human resource department for the company, it is unreasonable to compete in the current dynamic commercial world. Bianchi, (2016) argues that it is the Human Resource that would develop the difference when well-trained, adequately equipped, and suitably encouraged via internal and external compensation or reward systems. Performance management system is a custom function of Human Resource Department of a lot of the leading companies, and it is the procedure of developing a work setting or environment that individuals are allowed to perform and achieve their individual and collective potentials (Aguinis, 2014). The Meaning of Performance Management Performance management is a procedure that inputs to the competent administration of people and groups to attain first objectives and goals of organizational performance (In Kessler, 2013).

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Fundamentally, it authorizes shared interests and understanding on what is to be accomplished and a way to directing and developing individuals that will make sure that it is attained. It is about having a shared mission, vision, and values. Lawrie, (2004) points out those executives can define what they predict employees and groups to do; additionally, employees and groups can converse their aspirations of how they ought to be managed and what they require to complete their work. Still, performance management is all about interdependence and convalescent the quality of associations between executives and employees, administrators and groups, and between members of groups, etc. and this makes it a standard procedure (Bianchi, 2016). It is about formulating predictions expressed as goals and within commercial strategies; it is also about measurement, the ancient precept is, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.

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The focal point on multiple language translations has allowed the company through its numerous media designs to have an ever-increasing number of audiences in and across the Middle East. In approving translation dialects, the firm has usually studied broader research activities to describe the urgent language requirements between the targeted communities. Initially, via a series of religious doctrines and sermons, the company has focused on members of the Muslim community in translation activities. Additionally, translation operations of the firm have made increased competent and progressive via the establishment of a lot of schoolbooks that are delivered to different parts of Middle East. MEMRI has a television, which provides a straightforward connection in the Middle East and the Western part of the globe.

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Human Resource Management Having a massive quantity of workers that the firm enrolls, the utility of competitive personnel administration is very significant. It consists of the use of both pessimistic and decisive rejuvenation procedures in trying to influence the performance of the employees. The Maslow philosophy has continuously been applied in the company to make sure that the human resource department is competent and individuals attain their personal goals as well those of the company. Among facets assimilated in this company comprise desirable compensation strategies that are regarded reasonably competitive. Thus, concerning the achieved outcomes, the company applies the utility of performance appraisal approach to benchmark every activity of the employees according to the formulated goals and objectives. The firm values the manner in which it treats its employees since they play a significant role in the existence of the company.

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Still, the firm can link individuals with organizational demands; this ascertains that employees are in line with the needs of the company. It is an essential factor in human resource management since it aids the firm to minimize the cost of enrolling and training new employees who may turn out to be unfit for the company. Conclusion It can be consummated that performance management system is a substantial structure and strategy for organizations in making sure that their employees are engaged in the management of the company and perform exceptionally to attain the shared objectives. If more and more employees are taught well, it can impact that company to significant performance and a possibility to successes in a dynamic market. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 6(1), 357-361.

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