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This means that they I should have individual functions as well as those for each other. Moreover, it becomes important to consider individual actions, words and deed and present reality and the potential for the future. Friends At a young age, friends were a very great influence. As I grew up, I started to play soccer and became a leader. This taught me on how to value trust and to take responsibility for various actions. This means that one should do what is expected in order not to give a hard time to the rest. As such, conduct should be acceptable and also offer an example to the other members. Future generations As the people living in the current society, we have a mandate to ensure that the life of the future generations is better than what we currently have.

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In this case, it becomes vital to take responsibility for a wide range if actions. This does not only include the ability to take care of the environment but also to find a great deal of knowledge that would help in the preservation of most of the elements as well as making them better for future use. In this case, it is important to respect their opinions. Moreover, it is vital that they are given the share as is required. Besides this, communication to the relevant stakeholders is important since it makes it possible for the stakeholders to understand the operations and the new changes and the areas that require improvements. Customers Customers are an important part of the business operations since it is through their actions that they are able to raise profits through sales.

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