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Such skills include fundamental operations in finance, marketing, operation and accounting. Since enrolling in the course, I have also learned a lot of practical application, relevancy, and skills which I can use in the diverse market and various careers. The course has also exposed me as a learner to the outside world by providing me with the necessary cutting-edge information to help me understand the current and newest business operations being practiced by organizations (Richards-Wilson & Galloway, 2006). Basically, the course has provided me with the necessary skills and practices which prepare me for diverse opportunities such as in managing and marketing; the course has also exposed me to some challenges which face many organizations and managers and how one can mitigate them successfully.

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Business concepts and principles, I plan to incorporate into my managerial practice. However, such a strategy in business helps in identifying employees who are hardworking and ones who will help the business achieve its overall goals. I will also try not to be the “touchy-feely” type of managers; this is because such an attitude will undermine communication and authority in the organization. Be vulnerable. According to Weihrich and Koontz (2005), vulnerability is a practical skill that every manager should practice in his or her organization. Getting to know the employees is one of the most important aspects that employers need to understand. With the right engagement, I will definitely lead my organization to productivity and ensure efficient outcomes at the end. This particular business strategy ensures the employees are recruited and hired only if they meet the minimum qualification for the docket; this will be aligned with the organization’s visions and values.

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Creating a culture of cohesiveness will ensure accommodation of diversity in terms of gender, race and socioeconomic status, this will help the organization to promote collective insights. However, I will also be on the lookout to ensure that certain values are not comprehended to avoid the organization’s downfall. Focusing on team effort. Generally, holding regular meetings will help me assess performance and get a detailed review of what is going on and what is also needed in the organization that I am not aware of. Managerial areas that I plan to continue my professional development Having a degree in business administration provides me with multiple and diverse opportunities in which I can choose from. However, having particular in some areas I would like to major and advance my professionalism in the following areas; 1.

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Sales manager. Since childhood, I have always admired how those people in the sales department do their duties to ensure that they promote sales and reach the overall objective of the organization. In this docket, one is responsible for the financial sector of the company (Gibbins, McCracken & Salterio, 2007). Therefore, one is required to have a solid understanding and interpretation of the sector. Being also a diverse sector, I plan to specialize with sell-side analyses; this area includes making recommendations and giving advice to managers who plan to invest in certain projects. References Cadogan, J. W. Should I get a Master of Business Administration? The anesthesiologist with education training: training options and professional opportunities.  Current Opinion in Anesthesiology, 22(2), 191-198. Gibbins, M. , McCracken, S.

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