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Why I should be a manager/leader I want to be a manager because I understand what management is about and why it is crucial to the workplace. My personality and skills are geared towards leadership and transformative agenda in every work environment. I believe I can live up to the ideal expectations of the organization that I will be in charge and offer clear leadership through my inert skills and learn from my environment both immediate and broad. First, I should be a manager because of my leadership skills and abilities in helping the organization through complex, uncertain and chaotic times. In the present age, there are so many challenges that organizations have to put up with including the changing technology, rampant globalization, and the shaky worldwide economic climate.

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As a leader, my ability includes the tendency to work with both likable and unlikable people to set, work on and accomplish the organizational goals. Finally, my controlling function, I am equipped with know-how on how to monitor what is being done and correcting what is not done as per the plan. Characteristics of a good manager/leader In my view, there are seven characteristics that make a manager stand-out from the rest and exercise leadership in a distinctively efficient and productive way. The characteristics of a great leader according to me include leading by example, making informed decisions, fosters organizational culture, being positively contagious, ability to sustain focus, honesty, and being accountable to their actions. First, a great leader is one that leads by example.

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They take issues with the company including history and legacies of others to heart. They are always showing interest in novel ways to make the company better than they found it both profit wise and culturally. Fourthly, great leaders are positively contagious in their behavior. A positive attitude will go a long way to create a good working environment for all. It is in their nature to show a positive spirit and do not a complaint about the difficulties they face along the way instead; they invest in ways to find solutions for problems ahead of their deadlines. A great leader is the one who owns the achievements and the failures that arise as a result of the goals they set, and the decisions they make.

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They take responsibility and so foster a culture of accountability for all the employees so they can understand that it is important to own up to one's actions as well. This may even go a long way to having a conversation with the employees to let them know the importance of taking responsibility whenever there is a need. Importance of the characteristics The characteristics are useful in determining who a good leader is. Good managers are not easy to come by in the present economic environment. Setting strategies that will lead the organization to success requires that a manager makes informed decisions and sustains focus because lack of focus kills strategy. How has this course helped me understand management? From this course, I have gained know-how on what management and leadership entails.

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