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In the nursing practice, it is important to fight for the rights of patients as well as ensuring that they get the best care. As a nurse, I am devoted to ensure that I offer the best service, a high quality care to all patients regardless of the costs. It costs a nurse sympathy and understanding patients’ physical and emotional situation. Since nursing is my profession, I am always dedicated to offer the best care by being proficient in all what I undertake to make sure no life is lost because of carelessness. I have the knowledge and skills gained through training and high quality training such that I can handle all cases and interact well with patients. Our universal perceptions reflect all aspects of a patient’s life and help to facilitate high-quality care in our patient's lives.

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Although a human being is a primary focus in the field of nursing, it's vital to understand the patient's environment where they live. This is crucial because a human being is made of the greater community with different cultural values and preferences and this dramatically affects our patients because it's not easy to separate the patient from his natural environment. This is because they are interconnected. I always believe that being healthy is a dynamic state that exists on a range from wellness to illness and changes in reaction to environmental aspects. al, (40) direct care is provided to patients and indirect care to the family members and the society. In providing care in the hospital, there are different steps which must be followed to achieve the desired outcomes.

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First, the nurse must assess the patient to identify the problem to be addressed. This is an organized process of obtaining data from the patient and analyzing them. Nursing diagnosis is a nurse's clinical judgment on the patient's responses to actual health problems. I always work in the medical wards and in the surgical wards where I always encounter devastating condition which require my compassion top patients to give them hope in their lives. Have come to realize that when you form the best relationship with your patients, they feel emotionally supported. I always spend most of my time encouraging them on life issues and counseling them and to have a positive attitude towards life challenges. Being kind in the field of nursing is very important as it ensures the patient that you are always concerned about their welfare.

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