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She is believed to have led a team of female caregivers to Crimea in the year 1854 to offer nursing services to British soldiers. Upon their return to Britain, Florence believed that the healthcare services delivery could be improved using a specific set of principles which later came to be known as the Nightingale principles, and further established educational programs in various British hospitals ("American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past," n. d. ) A clear understanding of the concept of nursing is important for a number of reasons. In the field of education, it is essential for curricula development and progression. Different aspects of these disciplines are incorporated into the nursing profession with the aim of ensuring quality healthcare delivery. Q2. Underlying Beliefs.

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Over the years, one of the dominant theories about the nursing professions that it is a female career. Contrary to this belief, I strongly feel that the nursing profession should an inclusive career featuring individuals of all gender. Patients need the nurses to administer medication and primary care while the ultimate goal of the nurses is ensuring the well-being of their patients. The two are intertwined. The same kind of relationship exists between nurses and other healthcare providers such as doctors and surgeons. Doctors and pharmacologists highly rely on the nurses to administer their prescribed form of medication while the nurses equally rely on the doctors to give a diagnosis and the preferred form of treatment. On the other hand, I believe that the community plays one of the major roles in general care delivery.

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Nursing can be divided into three defining roles namely the helping role, the teaching or coaching role, and finally the diagnostic role. In the helping role, the nurse employs measures that promote the overall healing process of the patient. Such measures include suggesting comfort strategies to the patient, employing pain reduction measures, providing emotional support to the patients and the overall presence during the patients healing process. In the coaching role, the nurse helps the patient in understanding the nature of the illness while in the diagnostic role the nurse watches out for determinant changes in the overall recovery process of the patients and documents the various steps in the process. The patient is another major domain of nursing. a) Connection of the Domains.

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All the domains of nursing are connected to each other. For instance, the nurse can alter the patient's environment to facilitate the healing process. Also, the environment such as the patient's state of mind plays an important role in enhancing the healing process. In general, the future of nursing looks promising. This will in a great way create confusion both in my moral and ethical obligation towards the career. d) Goals for Professional Development. My primal goal is to achieve excellence by actively becoming an expert in the field of nursing. This will involve acquiring high levels of interpersonal skills, rapidly change with change in technological skills, and actively take part in advancing the methods already present in the field. Work Cited American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past.

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