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However, basing arguments on domestic terrorism, the police are forced to view the possession of guns in a different perspective. Gun control essential in society as it upholds the security of every member of society. Police’s control guns and other ammunition should be done logically and legitimately. However, there are cases of favoritism that always occur as police would not recover weapons from the “responsible” citizens who are mostly politicians and the affluent but become too harsh on other classes of citizens. The ‘responsible’ citizens may be a group that turns out to be so dangerous to the security of ordinary citizens. The first issue was racism. Many people are in either native or foreign lands are subjected to some form of discrimination.

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The discriminations might be in terms of employment, learning institutions and allocation of resources among other factors. Racism is done based on many factors including the skin color which happens to be the most common form of racism. Other factors include but not limited to physical disabilities. The police would rush there, rescue the firearms and keep them in their camps. The social media can also help in doing investigations helpful to get information regarding the lawbreakers and their whereabouts. In that way, they can get arrested and charged thus reducing the intensity of crimes. The gun sellers can also be exposed and further stopped after thorough research is finished. The Possession of Guns There are various reasons which compel and attracts people towards the ownership of guns.

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One of the factors that lead to such a situation is the type of relationship the police has with the citizens. A negative relationship occurring between the police and the community cannot be used to solve conflict issues successfully (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2011). The most probable effect of the negative association is the hatred of the police by the members of the community. In such a way, there are no single successful negotiations that can be reached. The police in an attempt to calm any conflicting parties in such a situation will be seen as a rival thus exacerbating the intensity of war amongst them. They stand to defend themselves and their property. Cruelty can lead to death on both the side of the police officers and the bottom of the citizens.

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Arbitration is one of the best ways that has been used by very many parties of different calibers to solve conflicts. The terms refer to the diplomatic negotiations that occur between the offenders and the offended. The reason why arbitration can be considered as the best is because of the time each other is given to reason and make decisions. Criminals are always susceptible and know that they have a lot of enemies. Therefore, they tend to have a lot of fear which increases their need for guns. The criminals acquire weapons through fraud ways which also make the lives of innocent common citizens to be at stake. Arbitration thus becomes the best way that can be used to solve conflicts.

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