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My role as a person being mentored is to ensure that I take everything into concern from my mentor on how she gives support and how she facilitated them. To sum up everything, I will recognize my own personal development in undertaking and completing this mentoring program. During my second year in the university, I had a placement where I worked on a surgical ward under the supervision of my mentor. During this time my work was to care about a sixty-seven old man by the name Mr. Morgan (pseudonym), who had undergone abdominal surgery. Many things disturbed my mind on this incidence not knowing what to do or to say; however, by the moment I gathered enough courage to say something, something at the back of my mind told me that it’s too late as she was already examining Mr.

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Morgan’s wound According to the incidence, I was much alarmed by this because in my expectation, I believed that the doctor could have washed her hands or even apply the use of alcohol gel ahead of her examination with Mr. Morgan. Though, I was much intimidated as I thought that the doctor was more experienced than me and therefore I did not need to embarrass her whatsoever. Moreover, I did not wish to make Mr. It also contains those data found on the complaints arrangements of the NHS as well as the expectation of the patient at that moment they formulate complain that are read alongside the constitution of the NHS. From the incident I was capable of demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of the professional nature of nursing.

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It is the commitment, dedication and professionalism of the staff who works for the interest of the people on the NHS serves that really make the difference. And therefore the highest quality of patient care like that of Mr. Morgan can only be delivered by staff who are ambitious in their expectations of themselves and their colleagues and even further strive to accomplish beyond what is legally needed of them. Though very satisfied that the doctor positively correspond to my mentor’s feedback allowing me to realized some changes of her practice as a result of this incident. I also educated from the incident because it makes me understand the significance of acting strongly with classmates in a responsive manner with a reason of safeguarding the well-being of the patients.

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In addition to the 6Cs, I learned that the NHS values together with the NMC Code for registered nurses allow nurses to only work within their employing organization's values which are commonly built through consultation with their staff and local populations. And in this case, all values of the organization are applied to all staff as all staff impact on quality of care and the experience of the patient. According to Coulter, hands hygiene is very vital activity for decreasing the infection and help in pointing out how several professionals of the healthcare do not sterilize their hands as frequently as they should (27). After having some discussion with the mentor, I perceive that I have to build up the self-assurance to confront the actions of colleagues by putting the customer’s well-being at the front line of my mind.

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