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the presence of excess adiposity tissue in the body impose a threat of an increased levels the amount of fatty acids which are accumulated in the body, in the presence of this inflammation and fatty acids in the body it can lead to a massive insulin resistance which will in return lead to type 2 diabetes in individuals if not taken into consideration at the very early stages. Bariatric surgeries have not yet prove a successful treatment of obesity in human beings but instead launched preventive measures to deal with obesity, as of Kathleen case where she undergone a sleeve gastrostomy surgery for weight loss it’s simply a method of controlling and not necessarily curing obesity(Brown, Diane, et al,2017). Although untreated obesity will expose a patient to a variety of other diseases such as an increase blood pressure and an ever increasing body mass index which will in return lead to death, the rate and quality of food intake that a person is supposed to consume will fuel the production of more fat in the body ever increasing the rate of the body mass index.

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However from the observation of Kathleen health after a sleeve gastrostomy surgery, the rate of breathing increased per minute to the abnormal rate of 28 breaths per minute while on rest. The recommended rate of breathing while at rest is actually 12 to 20 breaths per minute but her breath rate surpasses the rate(Bohdjalian, Arthur, et al,2004). The current state of Kathleen of smoking and taking alcohol is actually imposing her to serious risk of developing cancer more so breast cancer; in two hours of post-operative she had some abnormal vital signs such as increased breaths per minute (Wright, Suzanne M. , and Louis J. Aronne. This abnormal change is because of the reaction of the body to the surgery and the removal of some part of the bowel, this would not actually last for long since the body calories are respiring at the highest rate.

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The main cause of Kathleen symptom during the post-operative period is majorly due to the interference of body tissues which will in return causes pain to the patience, an increased breathing has occurred because of the location of the lungs during the surgery which affected the breathing rate of Kathleen(Sjöström, Lars, et al ,2007). Conclusion In conclusion, the current situation of Kathleen health has greatly been contributed by her lifestyle, due to the fact that she is overweight with BMI of 40kgs/m2 and also has type 2 diabetes expose her to a risk of being obese (Melissa’s, John, et al. While at the hospital for sleeve gastrectomy surgery, there was a need for proper care by a trained nurse who can observe her changes and give the necessary prescription.

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