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Social order has to be maintained for students to interact freely and these has to be done through social control which when not done chaos may arise. Poor socialization of university students can lead to deviant behaviors. A good project plan is supposed to reflect the needs of addition prevalence in universities. This aim of this plan is to eradicate the problem of drug abuse through proper drug education. The plan will be carried out based on stages which have various objectives of eradicating drug abuse. 5 million (29. 5m in 2015) of drug users or 0. 6% in 2015) of the drug abusers developed drug use disorders. Research indicates that little stages of obligation to education and higher truancy rate are related to substance abuse. Drug abuse also results to mental and developmental problems among university students.

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To achieve full prevention and education on drug abuse, the world needs to begin focusing on more vulnerable localities and age groups. The use of drugs must remain a criminal offence since the damage cussed by a drug abuse is very immense. Even the use of soft drugs can form basis of experimenting with hard drugs. The fight against drug abuse continues to be given priority globally. This study purposes to upsurge cognizance on the disadvantages of drugs among university students and increase the participation of youths in drug prevention, counselling and rehabilitation services and lastly to contribute to the reduction of drug misapplication amid adolescences in universities. Tough love intervention is also another one which will be best applicable to loved ones.

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It entails steps whereby one has to identify addicts who have had a difficult time saying no to drugs, follow through with them while making veiled threats and also reduce all resources that the addict has like giving loans to them. Confrontation model of intervention is also another intervention in which one has to identify addicts, point out the undesirable behavior and consequences caused by the addict and then lay the expectations of reclamation on the addict’s shoulders. Lastly is the Arise intervention whereby the interventionists has to Identify the addict among the students, Plan the ARISE meeting in advance. The addict can attend the sessions if interested and then encourage his/her family members to seek counselling on how to live with an addict.

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Conclusion Drug education and prevention programs are common and this spells help to not only the addicted individual but also the nation at large. Drug education and prevention program are associated with factors like increase of role models in future, good performance, good social relationships among students, good parenting, high self-esteem, availability of clear policies on drugs and strict school rules. The high rate of drug abuse among university students alarms for health education and implications of the education. Critical interventions should be put in place. These include training university guidance and counsellors, creating awareness through programs on drug education and prevention through Anti-drug Clubs, Organizing inter-school debates on drug abuse drug abuse and also developing Informative, Educative and Communicative materials such as posters.

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