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One primary significance of this approach is to provide dying patients with the care and support they require basing on the needs and priorities (Chang & Johnson, 2018). There are five new priorities of care which are recognizing the chances that such person may soon die, sensitive communication amongst the staff and primary caregivers to the patients, Involving the support in the treatment and care plan, Respecting the decisions of those involved in caring for the patients. Tailoring and delivering care to meet the needs of the individual. The two care priorities identified in the clinical scenario is tailoring and delivering care to meet the needs and desires of an individual patient and practicing sensitive communication techniques between the staff the dying patients and the people involved in the treatment plan (Carpenito, 2013).

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Primarily, the approach focuses on delivering care with compassion while also putting the patients and family interest at heart. Another step in collecting Peters information entails recalling information. This includes recognizing that increased hunger and thirst experienced. Process Information Processing Peters information would involve many steps which interpret the information, discriminate the information, relate the information, infer, match and predict the information. Interpreting the information would lead to the ultimate understanding of the experienced signs and symptoms, which are later compared to establish if normal or not. Peter is overweight which only worsens his diabetic condition (Chang & Johnson, 2018). Peter, therefore, needs to incorporate a good exercise and food regimen to keep a good weight. Weight loss program (Carpenito, 2013). Additionally, one reason Peter is having disturbed sleep is that he has not managed to control his blood sugar levels.

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Another step is to make an inference from the existing data and summary. This allows the formation and omissions (Guzys & Petrie, 2017). Another matching case could be that many overweight patients develop diabetes condition. The last step in the phase of processing information is predicting the possible income. Outcome prediction entails following a procession of how events have been happening, in this case, similar cases to that of Peter are analyzed to establish possible outcomes (Lubkin & Larsen, 2018). Some predictions that can be deduced from the case scenario of Peter is that if Mr. Peter should be put on a good diet regimen and exercise therapy to restore their condition to normalcy. Also, Peter needs to maintain a proper diet regimen consisting of balanced and nutritious foods.

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Peter should thus increase his intake of higher fiber foods as this will increase his satiety causing him to eat only a little portion size (Gulanick & Myers, 2016). The exercise therapy would also enable Peter to cut some weight since a lot of fats are burnt during physical activity thus enhancing weight loss. Another possible goal is for Peter to be able to engage in active social life; this could be by acquiring another job and making new friends. Also, the children of Peter should be incorporated into his management plan to assist in effective decision making regarding his social life. Reflect on Process and New Learning This is a reflective process that enables the community health care nurse to have an overview of the activities carried out and will allow them to identify where they could have gone right or wrong.

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