Problem of Diversity in the Working Place

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I was so quick to integrate in the team and all the junior staff were very friendly to me. Even the key leaders in the company were very cooperative and supportive in everything we did as a team. Nevertheless, I realized there was one problem with the top management in the firm. Though they had very good management skills, they were challenged to blend multiple personalities into a cohesive and unified team towards a particular task. The operate team was very productive and cooperative according to my observation. Through these creative and innovative work forces that work well for the organizations in the country are able to get creative ideas, knowledge for diverse business. Not yet implemented well in this firm.

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Researchers have found that groups composed of people from diverse cultures are more likely to bring a wider range of perspectives to the table that can generate more ideas and alternatives than a homogenous group. Oliver cites the example of Xerox Canada research center in Mississauga, Ontario, that employs 150 personnel from 36 different countries. The company’s diversity has attracted the top scientific talent from around the world which has enabled it to capture more than 100 US patents. Second factor that lead to the problem was poor communication and feedback within the organization. It seemed that everyone was doing everything in their power to avoid confronting others and being held accountable or they relish any opportunity to chew people out, belittle them and crush their spirits.

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It was so disappointed to note that some supervisors heading different departments were dishonest, unconstructive and did not encourage open dialogue for team members to interrogate issues. Even the communication channels within the organization was wanting. Everyone would expect that in case of any policy changes, there may be internal memos, meetings or forums to address the impacts of the changes (Hersey at al, 2001). Building a solid organization takes hard and keen awareness of the culture and environment that exist in search a business. Mangers in this firm did not take time to give us a brief statement of their mission and goals. This could have given us an overview and background of the company and prepare us psychology about what we going to do in the firm.

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Unfortunately, top managers were busy running after their business meetings only without giving time for the many issues raised by junior levels that need their attention. They just take their eye off the teamwork ball and leave their employees off the teamwork ball. In organizations, diversity will encompass sexual orientation, age, race, ethnic groups, and gender among others. Leaders should ensure that the channels put in place will be conducive for open communication. Diversity will be managed if the top management effectively communicates with the juniors. To overcome cultural as well as language barriers, there should be policies, safety rules and procedures that have been put in place. All employees, regardless of their culture and race should be given an opportunity to air their complaints.

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