Problem Solving and Decision Making

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This is important in developing the correct solution for the challenge. And once the right answer is devised, it is implemented to find the remedy. Finally, the manager has to find out the success of the technique used. If the method produces the desired outcome, then the manager is tasked with the responsibility of institutionalizing that solution. It may involve changing the policy of the organization to encourage the new working way of achieving success. It encompasses brainstorming where a team works as a unit to generate alternative solutions and fresh ideas. It is because team dynamics stimulates creativity, for instance, an individual's opinion can result in a significant view even if it is outrageous. It is characterized by numerous suggestions leading to the flow of other useful ideas from members of the team.

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Decision making relies on the managers' abilities to work under limited time as well as resources. He analyzes all the available alternatives and then decides on the best replacement that yields positive results. The advantages of using decision making are vital in removing emotions which have been seen to be a barrier to decision making and clear thought. It promotes measurement and objectivity as opposed to responding to instincts hence making a confident decision (Eckhaus et al. All these techniques can be used in different business situations such as in the significant scale management initiatives as well as corrective action. For example, the problem-solving method in a business organization is vital in overcoming lack of specific experience of the organization, meaningful analysis as well as recommendations for improvement.

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For instance, it was successfully used in the trimming of trees program to prevent power failure as a result of downed limbs that were falling on the electrical lines especially during storms. The business organization must employ the use of problem-solving to analyze the current challenges while at the same time developing guidelines that can improve the future of the business. • Find the alternatives When there is a problem in the business organization, it is essential to look for as many options as possible. It is a sign of being creative in solving the problems of the organization. • Weighing the alternatives Identify the idea which can adequately address the problem in the business. The best options, discuss the costs, ethical actions, its impact on the organization as well as its impact on the employees and the organizational culture.

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