Proposals on banning E Cigarettes from the youth

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Subject Area:Law

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The cigarette is harmful to the youth who have overindulged into it. The devices contain nicotine which is potentially harmful to the health of the individuals who use it. The vapor emitted by the E-cigarettes contains harmful substances not found in tobacco smoke. The problem with the E-cigarettes is its addictive nature to the youth who use it each time making it an epidemic among the youths. How did you begin your research? Explain I began my research after noting that the government has rendered E-cigarette an epidemic due to its use among the youth. Pick one of the sources for this question. List the name of article, it's author and publication it came from. In a complete paragraph, explain what the paragraph is about, what specifically you plan on quoting/paraphrasing from the article and how you plan to use it in your essay.

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