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A psychologist needs to understand the thinking process and behaviors of people so as to get the reasons for changes in their behaviors and offer a solution to this. Psychologists are creative as they have to constantly improve on their treatment methodologies constantly to ensure successful treatment of those who seek their help. Psychologist put the needs of others before them and take up a journey to aid people to improve themselves. It makes people become well and aids in making the world a better and more bearable pace to live in. Psychologist plays a big role in helping people and making the world a beautiful for all. Cognitive psychologists focus on the mind, how it perceives things and how people learn.

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Some psychologist work to help communities build their bond in working together such are known as community psychologists. Counseling psychologist work by encouraging people and aiding them to cope with problems and difficult situations within their life (American Psychological Association, 2011). It is a fact that all humans go through various stages of life from childhood to adulthood; psychologists who study this are a developmental psychologist. Education is part of life and aids in building peoples knowledge and skills; educational psychologist study on ways to make teaching and learning effectively. I am a person who is eager to make a change in people lives, and I feel psychology is the best field as it helps give a permanent solution to problems and it makes the lives of the victims better.

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It can be done through the promotion of mental health of people and support them through understanding their predicaments. The psychologist does not judge people but is empathetic. Psychologists study and research their clinical work (Millar and McGlanaghy, 2017). The constant research aids them to develop and implement practical treatments for various illnesses. People are suffering from mental health experience a lot of rejection from the community and society; going through a healing process to transform their life may be made more difficult if they receive no support. A psychologist who takes the initiative of offering support to the unwell person helps lifts their spirit and speed up their recovery process. I believe that people should be given support in life despite their status as support help in the transformation of people and it may encourage people to keep fighting despite tough situations that they may be experiencing.

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Support can be given through lending a patient a listening ear and enabling them to feel safe when conversing with them. As a caring person in nature, I pride myself in constantly offering support to people near me, and this aspect makes me desire to be a psychologist and offer better support that is related to people situations; since specific support aids a person in feeling understood thus promoting their resilience and determination in life. The study of changing trends helps them in identifying the reasons for a rise in certain psychological cases and changes in people’s behaviors and beliefs. Being a person who always advances their knowledge about the world and acts based on the acquired knowledge I feel psychology is a suitable career for me.

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Teaching is part of psychology as the patients may need to learn one thing or another. A psychologist is good teachers and knows how to relay messages efficiently to people who are undergoing treatment from them or people continuously involved in the lives of those seeking medical help (Canadian Psychological Association, 2018). The teaching of people who are unwell aid change their attitudes and transform them into better people. The empathy may help a person open up more aiding the psychiatrist in being a better problem solver. A good problem solver will have to be flexible to changes that may occur during the treatment process or solution development process. A psychiatrist is required to develop certain skills that are helpful in their line of duty.

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Psychiatrist constantly communicates with clients and patients. The skill of communication is very critical for a career in psychology as it aids in the study of behaviors (Duverge, 2014). Psychiatrist constantly cares for people and have an impact on their character. With this having ethics is required to ensure they do not take advantage of the bond or relationship being built with patients (Duverge, 2014). Changing lives means the psychologist has to be unbiased to patients and this can only be developed if a person is ethical. I admire that ability of the psychiatrist to do what is right and have a positive impact on patients’ lives. They have the power to alter people’s lives negatively, but they uphold their policies and do what is morally expected of them.

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