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Psychotherapy entails making use of psychological techniques to especially in instances where personal interactions are required. In their line of work, psychologists or psychotherapists handle various psychological cases. During such cases, psychotherapists utilize critical thinking skills evaluation, interpretation, self-interpretation as well as analysis. All these are vital to understanding the psychology of people. Psychologists have to evaluate changes in behavior so as to determine the type of illness suffered and know the exact treatment to be administered. Those interacting with the said student will make it obvious that the student has a ‘shortcoming. ’ Such kind of environment is not conducive to the growth of any student to state the least and can lead to severe consequences like student dropouts. Such kinds of pressure interfere with students overall functioning.

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The fact of the matter is that any student can underperform, but it becomes an issue when the trend keeps reoccurring. The explanation could be that the student had not prepared adequately or that the student was under pressure to perform better. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In the case discussed, the best possible therapy to be used is the cognitive behavioral therapy which entails the correction of one’s behavior which in turn affects the way the student interacts with others (Markowitz, 2012). In other words, this kind of therapy is functional as it is interested in placing a link on the behavior of the student and the consequence it has. In cognitive behavioral therapy, there is one on one interaction which helps psychologists to find the root cause and discover any other factor that might be useful in the process (Valsiner, 2007).

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A common technique applied in this type of therapy is behavior modification. The student has to realize that exam cheating is wrong and willing to change. A key consideration should be to come up with ways in which psychotherapy can be implemented more in today’s undertakings so as to foster peaceful coexistence. Conclusion Psychotherapy is important in solving the daily problems that occur in individuals lives. A student who underperforms can undergo psychological help to ascertain the problem. While in the process of psychotherapy, factors such as cultural upbringings, economic, as well as, social aspects must be put in mind if results are to be attained. Psychologists must ensure that they balance techniques used so that they are in line with values within the society.

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