Psychotherapy group proposal at risk behaviors of african american adolescents

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Thus, adolescents engage and plunder deep into risky behaviors that disrupt their education, their social life, and some even endanger their lives. According to Yarnell, Pasch, Perry, and Komro (2018), some of the risky behaviors that adolescents engage in are substance abuse, delinquency, violence, and sexual immorality. This has affected negatively the life of many adolescents and youths in America. However, for adolescents who can get early help through counselling or psychotherapy, they have better lives eventually. The paper is going to highlight the use of psychotherapy group in managing risky behaviors for African American adolescents. Thus, African-American adolescents warrant special attention when managing their situation. For this case, psychotherapy group will be used in managing risky behaviors among the African American adolescents.

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Adolescents are still growing and usually face similar challenges that may differ based on ethnicity, gender, and culture, among others (Das, Salam, Arshad, Finkelstein, & Bhutta, 2016). Psychotherapy encourages adolescents to be more expressive of their fears and feelings. This facilitates the understanding of risky behaviors and how to assist the young lads. In this leadership style, the leader is not the master but has to work hand in hand with the followers so as together they can achieve a common goal. The major merit of such an approach is that the leader molds followers who have integrity and commitment to realizing the goal. Researchers have realized that transformational leadership has better effects on the organizations as well as groups. The key markers of this leadership are in the social context, self-concept, and personality effect (Fassinger & Shullman, 2017).

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According to a study done by Fassinger & Shullman, (2017), it was evident that transformational leadership has a greater impact on any group or organization. In such an approach, the leader molds openness and the desire to learn. Legal and Ethical Issues According to Welfel (2015), professional ethical values that can be employed in psychotherapy include respecting of clients’ freedom and dignity; having skills, knowledge, judgement, and character when practicing; using the professional power responsibly to deliver quality care to clients; and behaving in a manner that promotes public’s confidence in psychotherapists. In support of the above statement, Ardi, Putra, and Ifdil, (2017), argue that confidentiality of information is key and that therapists need to uphold that strictly. It is more so important, especially when interacting with patients online.

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Information is sensitive and when leaked it can lead to legal issues that must be resolved in court (Ardi, Putra, & Ifdil, 2017). According to Qasqas and Jerry, (2014), they have faced a lot of stereotyping since the attacks of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Thus, if psychologists cannot overcome the biases formed against such community, they may discriminate Muslim clients based on culture. Conclusion Psychotherapy help persons with various psychological issued affecting their lives. It is a great technique that can be used for adolescent African Americans who engage in risky behaviors such as drug abuse, delinquency, violence, and sexual immorality. This is because adolescents of African-American origin face similar challenges that can be assisted with a psychotherapist. M. , Pasch, K. E. , Perry, C. L.

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