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The competitive pressure across market segments in which customers are extensively informed makes it imperative for entities to improve their marketing strategies through employing an efficient public relation mechanism. Public relations are directly correlated to marketing and make an organization attain a positive corporate image. The paper will analyse the role of public relations in promoting business and how it complements the marketing functions. The establishment of a strategic and tactical public relations engagement make it possible for business to develop symbiotic bond with existing consumers that allows them to continually exceed their changing expectations. Public relations plays a pivotal role in promoting a business and enabling it grow sustainable irrespective of the competitive pressure across markets. The business environment revolution introduced the need to establish a model that brings the consumer closer to the brand through an efficient and less costly mechanism (Center, Jackson, Smith, and Stansberry, 2008, 33).

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It is through the growth of public relations initiatives that organizations have identified a platform providing a greater audience responsible for enhancing their marketing strategy. Public relations as a promotional tool are the game changer when it comes to yielding value through influencing consumer decisions and perceptions through different interactional platforms. Moreover, it is imperative to underscore the usefulness of a competent public relations strategy which speaks the consumers’ language and moves in to give assurance on maintaining high product quality standards. The consumer is able to understand that errors are bound to happen but is extremely fascinated on how the organization responds to such an underlying situation. Public relations as a marketing tool using social media provides a faster growth of the brand at limited costs since the coverage is on a wider scale notwithstanding the location of a user with the organization not having committed significant funding for the publicity (Chanthinok, Ussahawanitichakit, & Jhundra-indra, 2015, 35).

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The feedback from consumers during engagements delivers a perception about a brand which appeals both to the social demography and emotions to tame any form of dissatisfaction by the consumer. Public relations through a social media marketing strategy represent the application of a mechanism which suits to deliver the best structure for implementation of growth initiatives. The information attained on how public relations through social media create a good marketing initiative would come handy in identifying the model of the social media content. Social media has significantly transformed the society where communications in the contemporary world exist in the virtual space in which interactions are without physical presence. The significance of public relations that make it an essential marketing tool is the capacity to indicate how the business values the existing and prospective consumer expectations.

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The role of public relations should be utilized for the purpose of creating an opportunity to grow since it allows the organization to showcase their competencies and value addition initiatives. The ability to attract consumers in both domestic and international market is through a mechanism of public relations in projecting an image of commitment and professionalism in serving consumers interests. Organizations such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft among other entities have demonstrated how their public relations initiatives go a long way in improving their marketing strategy (Doorley, and Garcia,2015, 63). The implementation of the corporate social responsibility activities within the organizations has been possible due to the ability to incorporate the participation of local communities projecting the commitment to enhance their way of life.

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It also acts as a reminder to the marketing team given that it sets the steps that have to be followed thus enabling the team to be fully concentrated and focused on the task to be achieved. The quality of the public relations mechanism depends on the ability to integrate it to the marketing plan for better outcomes and seamless promotion of products. The overall significance of the need to have integration between the marketing plan and public relations model in place is to ensure that a great customer base is achieved by setting the best benchmark that will guide the team. The integrated plan also emphasizes on quality products and this brings aboard the mechanism that ensures customers' needs and expectations are met with due diligence (Dibb, Simkin, Pride, and Ferrell, 2005, 850).

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Quality products can further be used by marketers as a tool to amass a sizeable number of customers over time. The integrated marketing plan should put clear the advertisement measures that the company should carry to promote its sales volume across diversified networks. Based on the contribution or rather merits these tools put up to boost the customer base, it is prudent that the customer plan should encompass them to guide the management and the marketing team to traverse the market accordingly (Wheeler, 2017, 12). The integrated market plan should, therefore, be the first step that management and marketers consider before taking a stab at penetrating the market because this enables them have a reasonable purpose and direction. It should put clear the prices, place, and the product as well as the promotional strategies upon which the marketing team apply through execution of public relations initiatives.

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