Qualitative research critique and ethical considerations

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In particular, some of the methods that get used included the ability to increase the nurse to patient ratio in a specific hospital. Through this, a comparison was made to determine whether the numbers of falls experienced among the patients as well as the initial medication errors got encountered within the 10-week frame within which the experiment was performed to determine the effect. The studies under criticism are An Observational Study of Nurse Staffing Ratios and Hospital Readmission among Children Admitted for Common Condition by H. L. Tubbs-Cooley et al as study 1, Medicines Management, Management Errors and Adverse Medication Events in Older People Referred to a Community Nursing Service: A Retrospective Observational Study”by R. For study 3, the clinical problem is that a significant number of patients die while hospitalized and more nursing care is perceived to aid in countering the problem.

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The significance of the study is that it indicates the importance of increasing the nurse-patient ratio to lower mortality in hospitalized patients. The purpose of the research is to show that increasing the nurse to patient ratio decreases mortality rates through advanced attention to patients. The research question is whether the nurse to patient ratio is a significantfactor in patient safety (Shekelle, 2013). For study 4, the clinical problem isthe significant amount of medical errors in intensive care that practitioners identify in the process of delivering care. The author of this study included studies that are older than 5- years. The weakness of this study is that it does not reveal whether other factors also cause high morbidity and mortality rates among patients.

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The theoretical framework of this grounded study gets based on the relationship between the numbers of nurses to that of the patients in the neurological telemetry because it only provides the correlation between the number of nurses and the rate of death among the patients(Tubbs-Cooley, 2013). In study 2, the age of the literature supporting this study is within the range of 5 years. As such, the author of this study did not include studies that are older than five years. The results of this study relate to nursing care by indicating the nurse staffing plays a vital role in enhancing the care given to patients. They contribute to change in nursing practice by ensuring the more qualified nurses are hired to take care of the patients to help in the achievement of healthcare goals(Tubbs-Cooley, 2013).

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For study 2, the results are that there are many causes of errors in medication, especially in the ICUs. While many of them are administrative, there are also those that are concerned with the number of nurses. The findings of this study have implications for nursing care by ensuring that there is a balance in the related causes of medication errors to provide quality services. Since the study was a review of past literature, the literature is kept anonymous to protect its authors and maintain the integrity of the study (Shekelle, 2013). The Ethics Committee of IUMS approves study 4. Informed consent was given by the participants verbally and through written forms. The information was to remain confidential with participants names being replaced with numeric code to keep anonymous and the participants had the liberty to pull out of the study when they so wished (Farzi et al.

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