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The programs are always result oriented. Firms and organization profit chain principle encompasses: performance attribution, customer satisfaction, retention and finally profit. Agencies need to adhere to these factors to increase the level of success in their businesses. The logic behind the profit chain is that improvement of service and product delivery leads to customer satisfaction and retention. This leads to higher profits margins for the organizations. Customer satisfaction calls for overall performances on all the attributes of the firms. Improvement of quality, quantity, terms of service as well as customer handling. A general increase in satisfaction leads to greater repurchase and actual purchase behavior by the customers. This retains older customers and attracts new, unique customers. This is according to the studies made concerning consumer satisfaction. Hambleton, 2006). Customer confidence and loyalty translates to the overall increase in profit in the organizations. Business institutions that retain many customers obtain the most benefit due to increase in sales volume. The main reason for measuring the quality of improvement is to rate the effect of the firms on the anticipated level of income and to determine the correlation level of the company and the processes concerning the scientific evidence that is laid by experts on the area of business. The system used is not accurate as they are prone to errors. There is, therefore, a need to improve the skills of operation to ascertain the accuracy and to make decisions. The above-stated abilities entail performance assessment and adjusting using the findings. In this essay, we are going to converse business plans for quality improvement (Hopper, 1997).

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Total quality management (TQM) Donabedian proposed the method called Total Quality Management (TQM) by structure observation of the past forty years, accessibility and the quality levels of the resources. Following this process requires adherence to the laid down policies. Policies and projects of quality improvement are not similar to research. Projects of quality improvement may entail using little samples regular change in involvements plus adoption of fresh plans which will be efficient, whereas attempts in research in assessing as well as discuss a problem which produces comprehensive results (Adams, Gupta, & Wilson, 2003). Six Sigma: this entails enlightening, planning and observing processes in the business to reduce waste while increasing the satisfaction and maximizing fiscal stability. Performance of a method is used in measuring of success through relating the operation of the baseline ability after graphing possible solutions for improvement in quality.

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Six stigma makes use of two primary methods, firstly, it examines the outcome process and totals any damages. This may be through backing a project which is time-consuming through granting sufficient time for the activity. Moreover, placing emphasis on safety as being a priority for the organization and strengthen expectations mostly when the process is late. Senior leadership is required to understand the outcome of the highest level decision on the process of work and time for the staff, especially where there is an underway of efforts in changing practice and the needs for quality improvement to be included into leadership which is system-wide. Leadership has to make the safety of the patients a significant aspect for entire meetings in creating a formal process used in the identification of yearly patient care objective for the firm and make themselves responsible for the results.

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Some individuals around the organization might be uncertain in participating in excellent development struggles in spite of having energetic and dedicated leadership. The groups require leaders who are dedicated and have got enough time to integrate into the company. Cost: From (Creveling, Hambleton, & McCarthy, 2006) what is required for understanding the greatness of wide events and is helpful in evaluating the creativity is data and readiness of information. Reportage of mistakes and dangerous conditions has to be encouraged since mistake reporting is very weak and related to the organization's culture. For those organizations which do not place a reporting as a priority or even not emphasizing safety may tend not to report errors, and this might cause harm to humans and destroy property which is worth lots of money. Value as it associates to variation: In spite of afforded benefits through the initiatives, a majority of the challenges are recognized in implementing the actions.

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Creveling, C. Hambleton, L. McCarthy, B. Six sigma for marketing processes (1st ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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