Racial Injustices in America

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As much as racism appears to be a recent term, it is worth noting that there is no proof that racism did not exist in the past. Things may survive for a long time before they are given terms. For instance, a word t-shirt was not in use until the 20th century even though the clothing article existed before the 19th century. While humans possess different genetic properties, for example, various skin pigmentation, most biologists have a stand that race is not biologically determined because modern people have not evolved into subspecies (Weatherspoon, 2014). This essay explains the meaning of racism, its causes, whom it affects and its consequences in a given society. This is how racism is continued in the whole world.

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This ignorance can only be stopped through education and creating awareness of the consequences of it. Racism will continue to thrive until this issue of ignorance is addressed (Blackmon, 2012). People who lack self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem are often the most racist. This kind of people expresses their adverse feelings towards others that seem vulnerable and weak. Most stratified nations create divisions between blacks and the whites and also divide people according to their religions. This can be seen as a mode of defense against intruders or rather the outsiders, but it leads to tension among people (Blackmon, 2012). Some religious beliefs also influence the growth of racism culture among many societies. For instance many believe that black color is associated with evil and ill-omen for example, many people think that when a black cat crosses their path something horrible will happen to them.

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Many religions across the world present hell as a place with darkness. The fear of dislike is pervasive in many countries. When someone is out of his/her own country and meets unfamiliar people, he/she feels like an outsider. Though it is not always true that people act hostile towards foreigners, there has been a high level of discrimination of foreigners in the recent past. Economic fear is the common cause of racial discrimination. It should be noted that competition is all over and should not be prevented based on race (In Fasching-Varner, 2014). People who often suffer from racism come from the minority ethnic groups, for example, the people from Torres Strait Islander in Australia who are often discriminated and are not given opportunity to access resources like the other Australian people.

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Smith, M. John Coltrane: Jazz, racism and resistance. London: Redwords. Smith (2016) argues that native and Torres Strait Islander individuals are likewise as yet managing the impacts of past laws and governance arrangements which brought about them being expelled to missions and holds or detracted from their families. African-American Males and the U. S. Justice System of Marginalization: A National Tragedy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan US. Weatherspoon, F. This being the case, the federal government of the United States should come up with new policies that are likely to encourage a system where racial prejudice is highly discouraged. With such a move, the American society will be able to promote an environment where all people are allowed to carry out their respective operations in a manner that is free and fair.

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