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Hard lines have been drawn when it comes to recovered memories which each side making arguments of their own to back up their statement (Wright D. Arguments for recovered memories The first line of defense for any individuals choosing to believe in recovered memories has been for the appreciation that trauma incidences can be forgotten. Research has backed up this argument and showed that individuals who encounter traumatizing events more so in their childhood tend to repress those memories and forget them completely so as to find closure and move on. To recover from such memories or events, these individuals have dissociated themselves from the memories and over time the memories become repressed and can no longer be remembered (Wright D.

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-R. Several studies have seen subjects being badgered into believing events that never took place in their life. This loophole has often being accredited for the largest possibility that recovered memories could be doctored and thus lack the legal credibility. The scientific lifeline to distinguish the possible truth or false of the recovered memories have been the biggest scientific win for individuals arguing against the possibility of the recovered memories being submissive in court. The scientific possibility of making up memories of past events that never happened in people's lives has created a strong approach to disregard recovered memories (Johnson, 2016). Controversy in the recovered memories debate The debate on recovered memories hasn't been short on the controversy as would appear. The law in most states has introduced a clause on the limitation that suggests submersible recovered memory can only be possible in a court of law if it's not more than three years old.

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That would apply for the adults only as kids and those under mental health diagnosis can only do so once one of normal adult age and fully recovered from the mental illness. This has been the biggest controversy that has rocked the recovered memories debate in recent times. Also, the inability for the various disciplines concerned with recovered memories to agree on a similar approach has further erupted more controversy. Experts in the various fields have often suggested their own opinion free from influence from another field further fueling controversy as to which suggestion should be recommended. R. (2015 , August 17). Scientific Evidence. Retrieved from Recovered Memory Project : https://blog. brown. The Debate Over Represses and Recovered Memories. Retrieved from verywellmind : https://www.

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