Red hen controversy

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Sanders, on the other hand, had been seen to support most of the thoughts and decisions that were supported by the Trump administration fully. Some of the issues include the decision by the administration to show a hostile level of actions against the LGBT society as well as the placing of the strict immigrants' rules. Most of the decisions supported were viewed to be inhumane and showed an administration that did not care for the ordinary citizen. Some of the members of the Red Hen restaurant were part of the LGBT community; hence, they viewed it candid about informing Wilkinson on the Sanders. The co-founder of the established decided kicking out Sanders in the politest way. Moreover, the exposure of the personal contact of Wilkinson on the internet exposed her private life and peace to the outside world.

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All this was deemed to affect the operation of the eatery as well as the leaders of the group that Wilkinson had started in the local region. Due to the level of tension, she deemed it appropriate to resign from the position. All matters that were to be associated by Wilkinson were greatly affected as there were individuals who viewed her actions were wrong. In this, the constraints were that the measure would affect the general performance of the restaurant. This process would have guaranteed all people would uphold the state of mind represented in the location. Key decision criteria In the evaluation of this, there is a need for consideration of what decision would bring a high level of benefits to the business establishment.

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In the actions whereby she would not have kicked out Sanders, there would have been no form of an uproar as it happened on the internet. All the activities would have gone well as anticipated. Additionally, this decision would be received differently by the workers who would feel as if Wilkinson supported the ideas that were shared by Sanders on the national issues. Recommendations There is a need for the formation of a set of conduct that will aid in the reaching of the best decision on the various issues. A view at the Red Hen Restaurant, some code of ethics would be able to aid the employees as well as the owner on what is the best action to take.

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It would have ensured that the individual in charge of the restaurant when the owner is away would have made the decision relying on the code of ethics (Kalshoven et al. Additionally, there is a need for consideration of what is ethical and not. In this, individuals will be able to note what is right or wrong. The Trump administration should hence step up and engage the various ways in the soberest way that will ensure there is less or no level of hurt that is inflicted on individuals. Commenting on the various official account in the determination of self-thought of matters is truly an abuse of office. Individuals should restrain from such activities as they will lead to more level of disagreement and create more division in the nation.

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