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Phil’s show didn’t come to mind, every time I thought about Psychology. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines psychology as the science of the human mind, as part of its definition. It further describes it as the study of the human mind and behavior (Definition of PSYCHOLOGY, 2018). My current understanding of the science of psychology has been greatly enriched by this class. I would like to emphasize on the word science because of the much I have learned during this course. She goes on to say that such children are better focused, better decision-makers and also better at avoiding distractions (Willis, J. A topic that really intrigued me was sensation and perception. It was interesting to see how important our senses are in terms of sensing and interpreting our environment.

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It immediately reminded me of all the sensors found in electronic equipment and machinery. Most electronics would not operate well without those sensors and constant maintenance. Although this was an object they had interacted with on a daily basis, most could not describe all the details perfectly (Nickerson, R. S. , & Adams, M. J. Under social-psychology, I learned about self-perception and the relationship between emotions and motivations. The topic of Psychological Disorders was very informative to me, particularly in the aspect of defining normal and abnormal behavior. It seemed that there is a thin line between the two and that this line is mostly determined by culture. This is particularly true for me as I have witnessed many behaviors that would fall on either side of the spectrum depending on where I was.

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