Reflection on conflict and negotiation

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A functional conflict is one where the parties involved agree to solve the conflict in a healthy and amicable manner which results in bettering both the parties involved. A dysfunctional conflict, on the other hand, impacts negatively on the parties involved and occur when the parties involved do not agree to accommodate each other’s ideas. An example of a dysfunctional conflict is where the individuals or groups involved end up in a fight which impacts negatively on each of the parties. Personal experience I have been involved in several conflicts with myself and with other people around me before. One instance where I was involved in a serious conflict was when I was in disagreement with one of my colleagues at the workplace.

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At the same time, I requested him to always give me a hand in carrying out our roles in the organization. Although it took some persuasion for him to leave his original behavior, he finally came around and started showing up and leaving the workplace at the stipulated time. Moreover, he agreed to carry out his tasks as required and helped me in collecting and sorting used books and returning them to their respective locations on the shelves. A form of conflict in the case This was an interpersonal form of conflict. It occurred between two parties; me and my colleague. After the discussing, he was willing to compromise on the comfort that he enjoyed from working less than he was required.

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