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https://www. ted. com/talks/julia_galef_why_you_think_you_re_right_even_if_you_re_wrong/up-next [11:37] In this talk, the speaker looks at the concept of “Scout Mindset” which entails the ability to overcome all bias and analyze problems more objectively. I liked this talk because it touches on an issue that I also sometimes have to struggle with; the tendency as a project leader to want to dominate and the unwillingness to take criticism from other team players. I learned that in order to succeed, it is important as a project manager to be open-minded and welcome ideas from other team players regardless of any personal differences. On the role of project managers, I learned that good project managers should not only be able to perform well even under stress but also lead other team players in excelling under the same conditions.

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Radjou, Navi. “Problem-solving in the Face of Extreme Limits. ” TED, January 2015. https://www. com/talks/yves_morieux_as_work_gets_more_complex_6_rules_to_simplify/up-next [11:58] In this TED talk, the speaker explores “Smart Simplicity”, an approach that helps to deal with the complexities of business without creating complications. I loved the simplicity and clarity with which he gives six steps through which this can be achieved. They include moving beyond the surface and getting to understand what really needs to be done, moving past the layers and rules so as to get closer to the required action, increasing the total quality of power so that team players move out of isolation, creating a feedback loop so that team players are held responsible for their actions and finally having a reward and reciprocity system for team players who cooperate.

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Apart from the main idea of simplifying work that it brought out in the talk, I also learned an important lesson on the need to involve all team players and empowering them through evocative feedback loops so as to avoid any feelings of disengagement as this would help create a highly efficient team. Doing this assignment was worthwhile as I got to learn a lot pertaining to project management that will be helpful not only in my career but in other areas of my life as well where I am required to take charge and lead other people in executing tasks. https://www. ted. com/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend/up-next Morieux, Yves. “As Work gets more Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify.

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