Relating Ivan Pavlov to his theory

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In this essay, I am going to focus on Ivan Pavlov, his theories and then relate his own life experiences to his theories. To begin with, Ivan Pavlov was born in 1849 in a small village known as Rayazan which is located in central Russia. He was the first son in a family of eleven to a poor priest. He was raised in a church hence he earned the religious influence which made him plan his career in the church. This was approved by his father since Pavlov was not so brilliant. To prove this statement, Pavlov devised a scientific experiment that sought to explain why dogs salivated even before they saw food. 2 In his experiment, he put dogs in a closed place and then before he would give them food, he rang a bell.

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After a while, he learned that the dogs had adapted to this stimulus and every time he rang the bell the dogs would salivate since they expected food to be given to them. He discovered that by ringing the bell even without the food the dogs would salivate. After some time the dogs learned to associate the bell with food. For example, a student waiting for an examination will tend to be anxious whereas when the examination is withdrawn the anxiety escapes. 5 Similarly, the same applies to Pavlov in his life experiences. Having been raised in a church made him plan his career in the church. This was as a result of his father’s influence. He had conditioned his life that he would deal with matters pertaining religion.

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