Relationship between an educational institutional management and the employees

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This should be left justified, with the page number right justified. For example: DoeJXXX0000-1 1 Save a copy of your assignments: You may need to re-submit an assignment at your instructor’s request. Make sure you save your files in accessible location. Academic integrity: All work submitted in each course must be your own original work. This includes all assignments, exams, term papers, and other projects required by your instructor. The goalkeeping ideas are directly related to the institution human resource management and it is this department which contributes to the success of the goals. The school management can’t achieve its goals alone, that’s why it has to look for employees, ranging from professional teachers to the non-staff individuals (Haggis & Pouget 2012).

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The human resource management has the power to result to both failure and success; a self-motivated human resource will result to institution success, for example, a professional teacher who is self –motivated will deal with the disabled child perfectly and willingly; for the other case, if the institution human resource department needs to be motivated, then this will lower the success speed or even result to the institution goal failure (Bohlander et al 2007). That’s why Collis will argue that “Trying to Motivate People Is a Waste of Time. ” The fundamental reality of management and leadership is that you can’t achieve the goals alone. As per the Good to a Great article by Collins (2001) the institution will be wasting its precious time when it attempts to motivate its people.

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Spending time trying to manage individuals is also another waste of time. The main point is the educational institution has to look for those professional individuals who are completely self-motivated. As sometimes the management as it tries to establish or create an environment or a climate where the human resource sector will feel motivated, it might turn out to be a source of demotivation to the already self- motivated individuals thus resulting to institution goals failure (Collins 2001). So, it is not the duty of the school management to motivate teachers or the other non-teaching staff, instead, the right decision is to employ those individuals who are already self-driven and self-motivated (Lockwood et al 2000). Communication The other basic element of success is effective communication.

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As professional a teacher who is working towards reaching and teaching each child that struggles with a disability it is important for me to learn the effective communication methods. As nobody has the power to do everything alone, it is also important to learn how to communicate with the other special education teachers in order to be able to consult and establish a very cool and effective teaching environment and achieve my professional goals. The other department that should embrace nice communication relations is the school management team. There should be well-organized methods of communication between the institution management, teachers and the students in order to ensure the goals are achieved (Johnson 2012). The main point here is that the institution has to learn how to appreciate its successful missions.

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The major procedures of appreciative inquiry include the following; first the institution has to discover the perfect results from the human resource department and gather information on how to improve the results, second the institution has to have a specific dream in order to envision what might happen in future if a different approach is implemented (Lewis et al 2016). Third is to design where the institution determines what implements should be done on the results to move from good to great and finally the institution has to deliver the section of the results which need to be re-innovated to improve the previous results (Lewis et al 2016). Quality Improvement Quality improvement involves the implementation of new strategies to the previous mission results in order to move the institution success from good to great (Lage et al 2015).

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There are different ways the institution can improve the quality of its results. Aspirations are the expressions of what the institution wants to achieve in the coming days (Cole et al 2016). The organization vision builds on the past strengths trigger challenge and inspiration to the current situation. Therefore it is important for the institution to recognize its aspirations. An opportunity, on the other hand, refers to the circumstances that the institution could leverage in the process of goal achieving (Cole et al 2016). Results are the outcomes and measures that will show that the institution has already achieved its previous set goals and aspirations (Cole et al 2016). W. Human resource management.  USA: South–Eastern College Publishing Thompson Learning, 27-54. Cole, M. L.

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