Relationship between ideology discourse interpellation and subjectivity

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This relationship will be used to analyze authoritarianism depicted in the Los Angeles Times’ article on the shooting of Sabika Sheikh, an exchange student from Pakistan, in Santa Fe, Texas. This cataclysmic event is one of many cycles of gun violence that have been happening in the US. Irrefutably, this is an act of terrorism. Terrorism has been defined as the potential for injuring many people in a single attack, by using unconventional means, and the spread of radical Islamic ideology (Kaplan 2017). My criticism of the text will involve researching the aforementioned principles using scholarly articles, and scrutinize other critics’ exploration of ideology, discourse, interpellation and, subjectivity. This is a news genre, meant to educate the public on nationwide happenings. However, the discourse is authoritative.

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This is notable on the subject headline:”…Please make sure this does not happen again”. The writers are addressing this to the relevant authorities, to boost the security of schools, thus reducing the reoccurrence of such an event. Furthermore, it is also a call to carry out other measures, such as peer education, and to probably carry out drills, which will undeniably reduce the number of casualties. Additionally, Stuart avoids a derogatory definition of this term, since most academics, including Marx in The German Ideology, view ideology as an element of perplexity and misperception. On the contrary, Hall views it as just a word, and as a result, it becomes less critical and more neutral. However, his definition of ideology as “frameworks” is challenging.

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This is because, ideology is a feature of consciousness, and the latter cannot be reduced to “frameworks”. In this text, the ideology of colonization is evident, as the writers show America’s dominance. The ideologies on this article can be used to underpin the fixed beliefs that some of the readers have embraced as their own. Thus, the terms interpellation and subjectivity are coined. Interpellation is a philosophical term, used in the Marxist theory to explain the concept of ideology. Additionally, it is associated with the French philosopher Louis Althuser (Hall 1985). According to Althuser, each society is comprised of apparatuses, which belong to either the private domain, such as schools and churches, or the public domain, controlled by the government. These ideas may not all be mine and I might have been swayed to believe them.

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For instance, I am made to believe that this incident is not that bad. This is in comparison to the number of casualties in Pakistan in 2014, where more students were killed. Also, I made to believe that most Arab countries are constantly at war. Surprisingly, some Arab countries like Qatar have experienced peace for a long time. Furthermore, the ideology principle has been key to analyzing America’s middle-class’ viewpoint. Here, the concept of colonialist ideology has been understood as America his shown its proficiency. However, the article explains the security situation in Pakistan, even though America has done nothing about it. Lastly, the concepts of interpellation and subjectivity have been caused by such articles which try to impose ideas on its readers.

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