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What is reporter calling about: The reporter is calling about what happened at the Insight Speaker Series Conference organized and held at the McPherson Playhouse. What would reporter like from me: The reporter would want to know the reasons for the riots caaused by the picketers and the attack on the ticket holder. Date of Interview: Monday, July 30, 2017 The format of the Interview: Structured Interview (Brad Philips, 2016) Venue of the Interview: Camosun College Media Information Type of medium: Radio Medium Stories covered by media organization: National News. Special considerations to keep in mind about the medium: Use of body language is not possible and therefore words should be used carefully for easy understanding by the audience. (Brad Philips, 2016) Objectives of the Interview.

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The basis the ticket holder would use to file a lawsuit against Camosun College Assumptions. The following assumptions were laid for the interview: 1. The listeners of the interview were people who had the ability to read and write because the interview would be conducted in an official language. All the media houses who had requested for the interview would be represented. The media personalities present in the interview would observe the media code of ethics. Reasons for my slow response to the attack on the ticket holder will also be a key area to address during the interview. In the interview, I will also address the main elements of the speech that was to be presented by Dr Margaret Somerville. Lastly, I will also address the circumstances surrounding withdrawal of the lawsuit by the ticket holder and the demand to meet with management of Camosun College.

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Evidence. During the interview, I will provide evidence according to the occurrence of events during the Insight Speaker Series conference. Question Four: Why were you not quick in responding to the attack on the ticket holder? Answer: We had already entered the hall with Dr Margaret Somerville and I wasn't aware of the situation that was going on outside until when I was alerted by the ambulance siren. That is when I realized an incidence had happened to an extent that a person got injured. Question Five: What was the main reason for organizing the Insight Speaker Series conference? Answer: The conference was organized to help raise funds and allow the students have time to interact and mingle with the donors who were there in the conference.

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Question Six: Why did the ticket holder decide to withdraw the lawsuit against Camosun College and then demand to meet the management? Answer: The reason for the withdrawal of the lawsuit and the demand to meet the management of the college is not yet clear. Am waiting for the meeting to happen so that I can also get to know the reasons behind the withdrawal of the lawsuit. Question Two: What do you think is the main reason why the ticket holder withdrew the law suit? Answer: First of all I don’t understand why the ticket holder caused the drama that was witnessed. About the reason for withdrawing the law suit am waiting to hear from the ticket holder. Question Three: It's rumored that the management of this institution is planning to sue the ticket holder for causing the altercation? Answer: There is nothing like that on progress.

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