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The trip starts off and is ridden with a number of challenges that include the bankruptcy of the theatre they were supposed to perform at, adaptation to the new weather, dealing with reporters, altercation with authority in German, a difficult time abiding by rules for some of the members, destruction of some valuables which required replacing and a simply average turnout at the concerts. One especially disastrous incident is in France where they fall victims of sabotage and have to cancel a show for which the members trying to explain the situation to the angry crowd almost get assaulted by the angry crowd awaiting a show. They later return to keep their word to the promoter and do the show and end up performing on Radio Luxembourg too.

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Journalists are observant of the fact that Weir was more advanced as a co-front singer as Pigpen sat most shows out due to his deteriorating health. Meanwhile the rest of the band members pursue what else they can during their free time including games and an in-house book club. Their next attempt in studio three years later is labelled consonant with previous work largely borrowing from the beauty that had been the tour album. Their only milestone is having done the work solely on their own under their own record label. The music is a bit devoid of energy compared to their past work and carries on in a rather melancholic and nonchalant way with such songs as ‘Row Jimmy’ simply dragging on.

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