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Retail sales associates are involved with customer care services (Beatty et al. These services include greeting the customers when they arrive at the business premises or when they reach the business through the phone. They are also tasked with attending to the customers which involve answering any questions raised by the clients about the products the company is dealing in. The main components needed for the proper description of the business to the clients are communication skills and the personality of the sale representative. The representatives are involved in informing the clients of the products provided by the business as well as directing them on any issues they may need assistance in. The increase in sale and eventual success of the business is dependent on a relationship between the business and its clients.

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The relationship thrives on productive trust. Therefore, the sale representatives should be able to create such a trust with the customers. To facilitate effective communication and interaction with clients, the representatives should be highly knowledgeable. They should possess extensive knowledge of the products the company is selling. They should also adhere strictly to sales procedures. Key behaviors required for successful performance The success of any retail business is dependent on the number of sales made by the business. Successful sale person is those who make the most sales. Therefore, positive behavior in the sale representative associate job is that which lead to increased sales. Effective communication allows the sale representatives to pass accurate information on products the business sells. The final behavioral components which sale representative associate should possess are interpersonal skills.

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They should have a personality which allows them to make friends easily with the clients. They should also be accommodative so as to entertain the clients even when they are not very friendly. Measuring performance One way of gauging whether employees are performing to standards is on the quality of the job they perform. In sales, quality is measured according to the level of customer satisfaction achieved by particular employees. The management can have the employees to renew their contract with them. the management then takes the opportunity to redefine the job description incorporating the new standards. Providing feedback to employees The management should provide feedback to its employees so as to ensure that they are in line with the company’s strategies of work.

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A good plan for giving feedback would be on a weekly basis. Apart from being timely, giving feedback on a weekly basis helps to keep the employees on toes. In this approach, the company stops some of its activities in order to encourage the employees to adopt good behavior (Daley, 2012). For example, in the case where an employee constantly fails to deliver within set deadlines, the management team can decide to send daily emails to remind them of the set deadline. The manager should stop sending the emails to the employee as soon as he/she starts delivering within the set deadline. This helps reinforce the positive behavior. The company can also use threats as a last resort to reinforce positive behavior among employees.

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