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Nonetheless, numerous studies have exhibited that despite the Unity of the East and Western Germany, the differences between the Westerners and Easterners exceed the commonalities between the two sides. Therefore, despite the political unity of 25 years studies reveal that there still a level of division between West and East Germany. A major indicator of unity in German is migration. Despite of differences in Germany, there is evidence of consistent integration between West and East. Notably, Germans from the East fled in significant numbers. However, there is various factors that show significance differences between the West and East which indicates low degrees of unification in Germany. The Distribution of wealth in German vividly shows minimal unification between the East and the West.

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Studies reveal that states from the West are still considered richer compared to those from the East. Illustratively, ordinary households from the East own less than half of wealth accumulated by those from the West (Federhen 100). Additionally, German has 20 most prospered cities but only one is located in the East, Jena. In addition, the rate of unemployment in the east is higher compared to that in the west. Illustratively, East Germany has an average unemployment rate of 9. 7% in comparison with the whole country’s 5. Moreover, there are also significant differences in education. East German has a clear advantage in education. This include, culture shocks and beliefs. Additionally, the government should aim at minimizing inequality in wealth distribution through boosting the Eastern German economy.

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