Rhetorical analysis for teenage pregnancy

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As a result, there is no way you can escape an advert. The most exciting thing about advertisement is the fact that they are designed to a specific target audience. For example, there are ads that target women while others target men. Ads are designed a way to attract an individual to purchase the item being advertised. One of the most controversial ways of making ads attractive is the use of women and their sexual appeal to sell products. The statistics at the right bottom corner somehow a scare factor because it informs teens this can also happen to you if you are not responsible. The number 750,000 teenage pregnancies in each year provides a lot of perspective to the issue of increased teen pregnancy.

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Since many teenagers feel they can be among this number, Candie’s is trying to tell them that it happens often. The Candie’s Foundation’s website has a reputation for its efforts in educating teens about pregnancies. The foundation has hosted several other adverts featuring celebrities like Carly Rae Jepsen and Fergie. CONCLUSION From the above discussion, it is clear that the ad “Did you know nearly 750,000 teenage girls will become pregnant this year” was published in 2012 by the thecanduiesfoundation. org uses celebrity Lea Michelle to educate the youth on teen pregnancy. It calls the youth to become responsible with their lives when engaging into sexual activities. The ad uses rhetorical appeals inform of logos and pathos to draw the attention of the target audience.

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