Roles of managers and the styles of management

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Management styles also determine the success of a company. This article focuses on analyzing the roles of a project leader/manager in Boston Consulting Group Company in the United States of America. This company is leading over the world as an advisor to clients in the public sectors, nonprofit making organizations and private sectors on business strategy. The paper will also provide a description of the style of management in BCG and compare it to another style of management, finally analyzing the main factors influencing the style of management. Roles of the Project Manager The project manager possesses a very critical post executing and helping client and engaging them. Another role of the project manager is to coach minor consultants to assist them in developing relevant skills such as the ability to share experience and knowledge, provide continuous feedback and establish opportunity for team work among others.

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This helps them to learn new ideas thus growing and expanding their understanding. The project manager also performs the duty of day to day running of the company’s office, hiring new employees whenever there is a need and providing training among other duties. Managers thus contribute towards the success of an organization due to the big number of roles which they perform. Features Democratic leadership style The management styles used in any organization determines the success of such organization ensuring realization of better returns and thus they are very important. , & Wooten, M. H. By distributing responsibilities within the members, the management ensures that every member in the group fully participates in making decisions which are helpful to the organization. This ensures creativity and innovation while providing better solutions to problems and this improves the performance of the members and the company at large.

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Third, the style of management used in this organization helps the group in the process of making decisions. Autocratic style tends to look down the knowledge as well as the expertise which their members have and may bring to the organization (Davis, D. Work in the autocratic style is usually highly structured and rigid and their rules are clearly highlighted and effectively communicated to the group members. Factors influencing democratic leadership style This style of management leadership is influenced by various factors. First, if the organization does not need to make decisions quickly, democratic style is effective. During the process of making the decisions, the management will first involve the group members and gather information and new ideas. The management should also ensure that they motivate their workers to enable them perform effectively as this will ensure that the company meets its goals within the set time.

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