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Maggie Carpenter is the main character in the story, a beautiful young woman who has run away from three potential grooms due to her own reasons before putting a ring on her finger to be their wives each at different times. Ike a columnist in New York tries to write about Maggie through the information from her earlier fiancés but turns to be untrue in factual sense and which provokes his employer who goes ahead to sack him. However, his reinstating will be offered if he gets to know the real story behind the character of Maggie and this makes him to travel to Maryland and integrate Maggie’s friends for the real truth. On the other hand, Maggie finds another lover, a high school football coach who tries to help Maggie concentrate on the life and be focused on their wedding.

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Ike later captures the attention of Maggie who wants him to publish her real story and they get closer each day as they spend much time together. Ike Graham: He takes credit for other people’s works. It is the case that saw him use unsubstantiated works from Maggie’s former fiancés to write the story. His nature of being a freewheeling journalist saw him regain back his position for going on to find the reality of the same story that caught him in that position. He is also an improvising man on the last minute as it can be seen when he decided to get married to Maggie after Bob had turned away. Bob Kelly : He is an optimistic person in the movie who perceives things unseen by others.

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The man acts out of anger and fury for having been subjected to humiliation at the altar and the reason he reveals of being humiliated enough. Family processes Sociocultural involves the people’s relation to their culture and beliefs. Looking at the setting of the movie and the society, it borrows the aspect of conservative in the sense that they feel what is expressed in the community interest should prevail. During the pre-wedding of Maggie and Bob, the family and society mimics and mocks Maggie for not sustaining her way to marriage. Its is the expression of the general society that once it is said I do, then that person should be ready for it and not run away. Ike makes the decision to publish fake stories without the consent of his seniors leading to his firing.

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Maggie also makes her own decisions to walk out of the altar before marriage. The society has declined to offer any insights on the best decision she can take for her future marriage after the three had failed. Roles are the responsibilities and duties of one. In the movie there is extreme abscond of roles and especially by the society on educating the younger generation about life aspects. It is the reason they avail themselves in the private wedding as the movie gears to an end. Maggie also seems to adapt to the changes in her life given the factions of different failed marriages as well as attacks by the society. Ike is also adaptive even after they failed to get married; he still welcomes her when she shows up in his apartment.

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Genogram Father to daughter(Maggie): The have a cool relationship but they do not often share together much. Nothing to borrow from their relations in terms of decision making. The family relations with her career on modesty seem not to coincide and happens to relate on cold fronts. Also the family and media have a relative and more cordial relationship. Its reflection by the revelation by the drunk man to Ike about the life of Maggie. It is also well articulated by Maggie herself when she opts to open up to Ike, a journalist in details than she could do to other people. There is a more friendly manner of relation between the family and the communication channel. However, she finally accepts the mythology when she weds Ike.

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Goal-directed negotiations: The family movie directed by goal-oriented negotiations seems to apply well in it. Bob the football coach try to work out Maggie by showing her the focus ahead and not what she entails in the current state. Ike also is optimistic about revealing the truth about Maggie’s life when he undertakes the initiative to meet her. He is designed to achieve more than what he knows so as to get back his job. The society has facilitated the failure in this functional way of family relationship as well as continued prevalence. Family in pain The family in pain is exhibited in the movie family on the Runaway Bride. In this it provides disturbed system and dysfunctional level of family.

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