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The progress attained represents the quality education and commitment of the school in scaling greater heights of excellence but there is a need for a strategic planning mechanism to attain better outcomes. The operations of the school would not attain substantive progress due to the lack of a structured mechanism that guides the decision making in achieving set targets based on organizational capability. Failure of the institution to initiate a strategic plan contributed to the financial crisis and inability to meet targets set out by the Bristol Catholic Community Funding Agency. Strategic plans deliver objectivity and direction that inspires better management of an entity to counter business environment dynamism. Analysis of the School Strategic Compass The school operations require the input of an elaborate strategic planning system that describes their operational framework in attaining quality education capable of transforming the society.

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The corporate governance input will deliver immense contribution in providing the foundation for the school to implement the agreed strategies on the stated timelines for enhanced results. However, the setting of strategic initiatives should consider a number of factors that would determine the practicability and feasibility of attaining organizational goals and objectives. A progressive mission and vision statement should be engraved in the organizational culture to inspire employees on their commitment to enhancing the performance of the organization over time. Criteria on Development of the Vision and Mission Statement The development of Saint Francis de Sales Schools' mission and vision statement need to take cognizance of a number of factors that determine the success of the institution. A mission constitutes of a clear, concise and strategic representation of an organizations reasons for existence in executing different duties.

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The third criteria to be considered is the ability of the statement to appeal to both consumer and employees emotions since it will manage to influence their action towards the business. Most people decide based on their emotional conviction hence providing a soft spot for establishing a better tool that would determine the direction of the targeted individuals by the mission statement (Shujahat, Hussain, Javed, Malik, Thurasamy,& Ali, 2017). The fourth, criteria are to ensure it is concise and understandable. The simplicity of the statement makes it attractive and serves a greater purpose of informing the public in brief about the organizational competencies. Finally, the statement should reflect the community values, ethos and culture. Additionally, the vision statement should consider being focused and communicable.

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The criterion seeks to ensure the statement manages to challenge the business environment dynamism and remain relevant based on the scope it has to adopt changes that suit the current market orientation. The vision statement makes the organization grow due to the set targets it moves to achieve through the implementation of their strategic objectives. Proposed Vision and Mission Statement The most suitable mission statement for Saint Francis de Sales Schools would be, "an institution committed to scholarly excellence through equipping learners with skills and knowledge that makes then unique, competitive and able to transform the society. " The vision statement for the school would be, “to create a leader and an accomplished academic across different disciplines for development of our national pride globally.

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Moreover, the statements provide direction for the organization to understand their investments priority together with an evaluation of the possible outcomes. The school management should recognize the need to undertake a consistent assessment of their strategic objectives to track the progress and ensure they live up to the vision of the institution (Klag et al, 2012). The quality of education in Saint Francis de Sales Schools will greatly improve due to the strategic role of the mission and vision statement establishing the entity growth trajectory. References Dess, G. G. , & Appolloni, A. The sustainable strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises: The relationship between mission statements and performance. Sustainability, 8(7), 698. Grant, R. M. Cengage AU. Klag, M. , Giroux, H. , & Langley, A. Strategic planning at Saint Francis de Sales Schools.

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